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1.15.12 Game Update - Patch Notes

Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:54 am

Greetings, Commanders!

Art of Conquest will soon be updated to Patch 1.15.12!

Servers will be suspended for maintenance on November 15 at 1:00 AM UTC for an estimated 2 hours while the game is updated. When maintenance is complete, simply open the game to download the update and continue playing. We apologize for the wait!

Below are the detailed patch notes:


• To enable more kingdoms to choose a King, a player no longer needs the support of at least 10 cities to be chosen. Now, the support of at least 1 city, excluding the capital, is enough to be chosen.

• To allow more players the opportunity to become Advisors, we added a ton of new Advisor positions. Advisor positions must now be activated, and a kingdom can do so by controlling the required number of cities for a given Advisor position. The more cities a kingdom controls, the more Advisors it will be able to appoint.

• When a King and his Advisors reach the end of their term, they will receive a special Term Reward.


• You now have a chance to directly obtain Rose by opening chests. Included in the chest will be huge resource rewards as well as equipment, EXP Cards, and Attribute Cards exclusive to Rose.

• If you already have Rose in your army when you open a chest containing her, the chest reward will automatically convert into an exclusive EXP Card for Rose.


• The Black Market can now be found near your capital city. Commanders can spend Honor to receive a random piece of equipment of a specified equipment slot.



• Greatly decreased the amount of health imparted by "Imprisoned Spirit".

Due to the above change, the following event will be available after the update until November 19 at 4PM UTC.

HERO RETURN EVENT: Commanders who had Wraxius prior to the update will have the opportunity to return him.

• When you return a hero, in exchange you will receive all the Adamantium originally spent to recruit that hero.

• Hero experience, ability, and attribute points will be returned to your inventory in the form of cards.

• Any equipment will be returned to your inventory with their cooldowns reset.

• Next time you start a new Void expedition, you can recruit that hero again.


• Added the "Royal Council" channel to the Chat feature for the purpose of discussing important matters of state.

• Cities have been expanded to accommodate 100 districts. The number of districts with special buffs remains unchanged.

• You can now leave a message when requesting to borrow troops from an ally. There is also a new option to designate that the borrowed troops will be used only in battles with a 100% injury rate (meaning the borrowed troops cannot die for good).

• The House member list now displays the amount of Energy used by each member in the past 3 days.

• You will now receive a system alert when you are online and your stronghold is attacked.

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