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Patch 1.21.02

Thu May 02, 2019 10:35 am


Servers will be suspended for maintenance on May 7 at 1AM UTC for an estimated 2 hours while the game is updated to Patch 1.20.02. When maintenance is complete, download the update from app store and continue playing.


• You will be able to enlighten your troops (excluding siege weapons) when your Stronghold reaches level 20.

• Archaic Tome and Sutra Scroll required for enlightening can be acquired from Activity reward, Victory Road and Raid Dungeons.

• Chakra Harmonies will be unlocked when the troop is enlightened to certain ranks. When rank 7 chakra is unlock, the troop will be able to awaken. In this update, Line Infantry, Marksman, Diabolist, Bandit and Watcher can be awakened.

• When the troop is awakened, you can switch them among different alignments.


• Stronghold level limit will be raised to 45.

• Hero, dragon and building level limit will also be raised as your Stronghold levels up.


Lunella, Maiden of the Moon will be available in the hero chest soon after the update.


• Moonchild

As a disciple of the moon goddess, Lunella can bend the moonlight to her will. She wields a Moonlight Spear in melee stance and transforms it into a Moonlight Glaive as she phases into ranged stance.


• Phase Shift

Lunella shifts her attack stance to mirror the lunar phase. She also gains Evasion and its duration is prolonged for Lunella and her Outrider sisters.
Luna's Blessing

When Lunella is attacked while wielding her Moonlight Spear, the goddess blesses her with a chance to summon a Huntress to assist in battle for 20 seconds and gain a moonlight barrier. When the barrier fails, it releases an explosion of moonlight that damages enemies for a portion of its original health.

When Lunella is wielding her Moonlight Glaive, the goddess blesses her with health recovery every second.

• Crescent Moon

Every so often Lunella releases a crescent burst of moonlight that damages enemies caught in its path, reducing their damage and attack speed.

• Starfall

Every so often Lunella calls down a shower of shooting stars onto the battlefield.

When Lunella is wielding her Moonlight Spear, each star damages and blinds enemies.

When Lunella is wielding her Moonlight Glaive, instead of damaging enemies, each star heals nearby allies and the number of shooting stars is doubled.

• Lunar Wrath

Every so often Lunella launches a powerful attack with her weapon.

When in melee stance, she hurls her Moonlight Spear down onto the battlefield, damaging and stunning nearby enemies.

When in ranged stance, she throws her Moonlight Glaive into the sky where it hangs spinning, raining down a cascade of moonlight missiles that damage enemies.

• Moon Dance

Lunella's movements are infused with the grace of the moon.

When wielding her Moonlight Spear, she gains bonus evade chance and bonus magic resistance.

When wielding her Moonlight Glaive, she gains bonus magic damage and bonus attack speed.
The first time her health drops too low when she is in melee stance, Lunella will automatically phase into ranged stance.


• Troop buffs derive from comparing total hero and dragon (both on and out of the battlefield) attributes in a duel.

• Total hero attributes will be displayed on the left side of hero list.

New Temple Achievements:

• Temple Believer: Socket all statues with +4 Runestones or higher.
Reward: Nether Jackal

• Temple Worshipper: Socket all statues with +6 Runestones or higher.
Reward: Astral Unicorn

• Temple Disciple: Socket all statues with +8 Runestones or higher.
Reward: Doom Dragon


20 new stages and new equipment awaits you in the Void.




• Revenant

When Baelrog attacks, there is a chance that his totem will summon a wrathful revenant to lash out at a nearby enemy.

• Shock Wave

Reduces the accuracy of the enemies it hit for 3 seconds. Accuracy debuff can stack.

Hit rate reduction does not affect Massive units.

• Primal Fury

The duration is prolonged with the ability level.


Footman, Swordsman, and Legionnaire

• Health is increased by 10%.


Mechsuit, Mechwalker, and Battlemech

• Health is increased by 10%.

Rifleman, Sharpshooter, and Deadeye

• Attack is increased by 30%.

• Bug fixed that critical hit chance increases headshot chance.


Sandstinger, Bloodclaw, and Dunelord

• Health is increased by 10%.

• Primal Shield

Forms a shield weaved from lich primal energies that reduces damage taken by 60% during the first 15 seconds of battle.


Wisp, Sylph, and Huntress

• Attack is increased by 20%.

• Evade chance of Evasion is reduced.


• Thunder King - Denji will be available for exchange.

• You can select the corresponding hero in Character -> Avatar and use Skin Scrolls to exchange the hero skin. (When you use the skin that you already possess, it will be converted into a number of Skin Scrolls. Chests in the Shop also may contain Skin Scrolls.)


Lasts from May 8 to May 10.

You can check the event rules in the Event Center when the event begins.


• Chakra Power will be added to Core Power.

• You can adjust Music and SFX volume in General.

• You can recall your loaned troops when the loanee takes them into the Void, which won't affect his reflected army.

• Updates some character special effects on the map.

• New Hyperwolf SFX.

• The Shop batches may contain Archaic Tome and Sutra Scroll.

• All your Formations will be uploaded to your account.

After the update, please log in the game on your most frequently used device. The first formation you use on this device will be uploaded.

We will be following your feedback closely as we continue in our quest to make Nore the best possible world for all our Commanders. Remember to visit our Facebook page for more inside scoops.

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