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Patch 1.21.10

Wed Jun 26, 2019 2:34 am


Greetings, Commanders!

Servers will be suspended for maintenance on July 2 at 1AM UTC for an estimated 2 hours while the game is updated to Patch 1.21.10. When maintenance is complete, simply open the game to download the update and continue playing.

You will be notified if any changes are made to the schedule.


Realm Lock

• Realm transfer and kingdom migration functionality will be disabled during the preparation for the upcoming event.

• Seed realms for the upcoming Conquer Drake event will soon be determined. The map will be updated at the conclusion of the countdown. You cannot transfer to realms where the Conquer Drake event has already begun.

• You can sail to the ancient land of Drake when the map has been updated.


• You can continue to play on your usual realm to access the event.

• Upon logging in for the first time after the merge, you must choose your kingdom anew. You may not choose the kingdom with the highest national power.

• The system will recommend a kingdom to you, and the Lord of your House will automatically join the recommended kingdom.

• The progress of your House will be reset to Tier 1. The house membership limit for each tier will be lower than it was in Nore.

• All members, excluding the Lord, will be automatically removed from the House at the beginning of the realm merge.

• You can migrate to another kingdom after clearing all the mist around the continent of Drake.

• You cannot transfer to or from a realm during the Conquer Drake event until the final chapter in the "History of Drake" has been completed.


• To capture a city in Drake, your kingdom must control at least one of its neighboring cities.


• Neutral cities in Drake have tougher defenders and garrison walls.

• There will be both a damage and a siege leaderboard to track the attacker activity for each neutral city.

• Three new district types have been added: bonus army attack and health, bonus siege attack and health, bonus Soulfire yield in the Abyss.


• Powerful neutral armies await in every region around Drake. These elites have four difficulty levels and four reward tiers.


• Many mythical beasts can be found throughout Drake, including five legendary dragons who each guard a fragment of the continent's greatest artifact.


• A new epic is being written by your exploits in Drake. Complete each chapter for valuable rewards.


• New History feature added to the Obelisk.

• Chapters have three different states: not started, ongoing, and chapter over.

• Complete each chapter before it's over for valuable rewards.

• You can collect rewards from all completed chapters after the update.


Territorial Mastery

• Bosses in Balmford Swamp and the Hero Altar now have the Territorial Mastery trait.

• Grants immunity to most crowd control effects.

• Longbowmen, Feathershots, Riflemen, Sharpshooters, Assassins, Shadows, Occultists, and Warlocks now have the Mortal Sadism trait that grants extra damage to units with Territorial Mastery trait.


The Honor limit of all stronghold levels has been increased. For example, the Honor limit of a level 40 stronghold is now 600,000.


Rufio rework

• Arena King

• Each time he uses Bladestorm, Intimidating Shout, or Deep Impact, Rufio impairs his targets with a stackable "Intimidate" debuff. Max 5 stacks. Intimidated enemies deal 15% less damage to Rufio. For 6 seconds after Rufio uses an active ability, his evade chance is increased by 30%.

• Bladestorm

• Rufio spins into a destructive bladestorm that moves toward the target area, pulling enemies in along the way and dealing damage to them. After traversing a certain distance, Rufio leaves the bladestorm and it continues along its trajectory. Rufio may use Bladestorm at most 3 times per battle.

• Intimidating Shout

• Rufio bellows a war cry at the start of battle, stunning affected non-Massive enemies. Rufio's battle-hardened body grants him additional Stamina.

• Chopping Blade

• Rufio controls his blade at certain intervals with his mind, casting Chopping Blade on enemies in front of him, dealing heavy damage. Every time Rufio uses an active ability, his next basic attack is guaranteed to be a Chopping Blade.

• Bloodbath

• Rufio revels in the carnage of battle, gaining lifesteal from Bladestorm and Chopping Blade. In addition, his injury recovery time is reduced.

• Fearless

• Rufio deals several times damage to Large enemies and Massive enemies.

• Deep Impact

• Rufio leaps to the target area and smashes the ground, damaging and stunning nearby enemies. The impact area slows the attack speed and movement speed of enemies. Every time Rufio crosses the bounds of the impact area, the damage and stun effects are triggered again.

The allocation of Rufio's ability points will be reset after the update.


• Archer Mastery

• When Avalon is on the battlefield, all friendly Line Infantry have their damage and health increased. Furthermore, their morale decay rate is reduced and the duration of their morale boosts is increased.


• Cavalry Specialist

• When Elena is on the battlefield, all friendly Cavalry have their damage and health increased. Furthermore, their morale decay speed is reduced and the duration of their morale boosts is increased.


• Swordsmen Mastery

• When Virion is on the battlefield, all friendly Light Infantry have their damage and health increased. Furthermore, their morale decay speed is reduced by and the duration of their morale boosts is increased.


• Startling Blow

• Deals more damage and cannot be evaded.

• Pyro Pincers

• Gafgar slams his massive pincers and causes flames to shoot from the ground, dealing burning damage to enemies in the target area. Gafgar's attack speed is increased and his basic attack is guaranteed to stun.


• Summoned Wolves are now affected by hero upgrades.



• The Fungal Growth ability of Sporebuds and Shroomlords now grants them 10% attack speed bonus every time they grow.


• Elite Garrison Training now increases the magic defense of garrison troops by 25%.


• You can now leave your House during the Treasure Hunt event.

• The Shop may be restocked with Dragon Scrolls for Valor Tier 13 Commanders.

• You can obtain the "Dark Duelist" Avalon skin with Skin Scrolls.

• In the Clash of Fate battleground, you will not be penalized by being returned to the respawn point if you abandon your spot after occupying the Nexus for 3 minutes.

• Light Infantry, Pyrotechs, Scorpios, Ascetics and Tree Spirits can now be awakened.

We will be following your feedback closely as we continue in our quest to make Nore the best possible world for all our Commanders. Remember to visit our Facebook page for more inside scoops.

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