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"Knee pain" may be more vulnerable to disease. "Osteoarthritis"

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"The knee" acts to support the body weight most of the time. Whether it is walking, standing, sitting or doing various activities. In everyday life All affect the knee, such as squatting, squatting, squatting on a regular basis Exercising, playing sports or slipping a fall All of these can cause knee problems of all ages and genders. And if left untreated, it could lead to osteoarthritis and other subsequent diseases.
The function of "knee joint"
Dr. Pakapon Isornkraiisin, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Knee and Shoulder Surgery slotxo Sports Medicine Doctor Institute of Sports Medicine and Exercise Bangkok Hospital said that the knee consists of the thigh bone. The shin bone also contains important organs such as cartilage and knee fluid. That serves to support the movement of the knee. There is also a ligament around the knee and the anterior cruciate ligament inside. Which helps stabilize the knee and herniated disc Which is an organ that serves to support the impact around the knee Help absorb and distribute force from body weight.

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