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An Introduction to PoE Skill Gem Tiers

Wed Nov 18, 2020 7:16 am

If you are wondering how skill gems work in Path of Exile, here is a brief overview of how they are layered. I'm sure here a lot of players at Lilithgame like PoE.

It's safe to say that Path of Exile leaves something to be desired for new players. You will see a lot of terminology related to PoE currency, PoE spheres and PoE trading, as the massive ARPG offers players a wealth of customization options and much more. One such feature is gems that are difficult to get used to in a game, especially when it comes to skill gems. However, this brief overview of how they are tiered should help you understand how they are tiered.

Skill Gems Levels
Players who want to get the most out of them and find the most effective have several levels of ability gems. The range is from S + Skill Gems to Down, depending on their abilities and effectiveness in a particular league.

S + Rank (Gods)
From S + these are your gemstone levels with the best abilities. This god-like level is reserved only for the most powerful gems in the game, and these gems require very little investment on your part (if any). With S + level gems, you can clear all cards immediately.

An example is Arc, an ability that you should basically pursue if you just want to destroy everything in front of you. Blade Vortex is another long-time favorite in this category and has proven to be a powerful upgrade if you're willing to invest in it.

S-Level (powerful)
Then there is the S-layer, which is slightly less strong than S + Gem, but still packs a punch in the right hand. This level is especially suitable for beginner gems that revolve around Blade Flurry, and offers you a variety of build options without spending a lot of PoE currency.

If you need more archery, Blast Rain is very effective and you can even use Tornado Shot if you can afford enough arrows. Do you want to completely block the bosses that are blocking your progress and increase your range speed? Then be sure to check for earthquakes.

Class I (strong)
If you fall to level A, you will still find some powerful gems in it, but they may require more investment than the upper levels. Barrage is one of the less invested and most popular options. If you walk or walk upside down, barrage generates a lot of PoE currency when used correctly.

Then you have a firetrap that is useful no matter how wisely you use it on the path of exile in terms of skills and experience, as it is a fantastic jewel to enhance your skills. If you are more focused on melee combat, Frost's Edge is a good choice.

Layer B (Balance)
Despite the low level, you will actually find some of the gems here quite interesting. You can still expect to cause a reasonable amount of damage, but not as much as the other damage currently listed. You can get gems of skill level like "Sweep", which are good for clearing areas and do good damage. You can also enjoy leisure and balanced options like Ice Shot, and Lacerate is a good choice for melee combat.

Tier C (weekly)
The Skill Stones found at level C and above are almost useless or at least cost you a lot of PoE currency to invest. Here you can find "Blitz", "Frozen Mine", "Blast Trap", "Bear Trap". Things like "punctures", "snake strikes" etc. will not bring you any benefit in the long run. Overall, it is better to avoid and keep your PoE items and your currency.

Now you can better understand how levels in Path of Exile play skill stones. The only difference between them is their effectiveness, the damage they can cause, and whether they require a significant investment on your part to work.
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Re: An Introduction to PoE Skill Gem Tiers

Sun Nov 22, 2020 4:56 am

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