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Re: What is the purpose of permanent death on undead and mechs?

Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:12 am

Danur wrote:
Humans are massively OP in the current meta. Angels literrally execute giant golden units and with high level avalon and elena you can just simply win even with mostly bronze units due to summ abilities and insane injury rates.
On the contrary dwraf is absolutely garbage when it comes to duel ...perma death of goldens/silver mech is nonsense...

Seems like the angels were definitely a major buff to humans since they will target giant units like spiders. In spite of that, I just absolutely reamed a 450k human with rank 10 units + angel as a 320k lich w/ rank 9 units and i didnt play my sphinx. Didn't even lose half my scorps which are all silver. I guess it depends what stage of the game you are referring to with humans being OP, but i'm not seeing it in the early late game as a lich. At the very least, they don't auto pilot themselves and just roll over crap like lich seems to. Anyway, the angel was definitely the best thing the guy had going on, but the rest of his army just collapsed to scorp spider doing its thing. Its also nice to have a Jaques around to snipe avalons / virions or the occasional Elena for the above reasons.

Plus we all know the main purpose of Jaques is to oneshot gold and silver tanks since yes, perma death of goldens/silver mech is indeed nonsense.

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