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Game Design Ideas

Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:16 am

Just wanted to get some ideas flowing offering maybe a different way for the servers / merger taking place and moving forward for end game scenarios.
It has been mentioned that the new servers being created is so new players can experience the game in a new server or atleast have the opportunity to rather than being put into a kingdom that already has months of progression under its belt. But to what extent ? So it will never end ? there will always have to be new servers using up more and more resources of the company.
What if similar to how the game experience now is tiered in difficulty to around lvl 20-25 to easily have the full PvE experience and usually have the map somewhat decided at that point also, that is the point where a 'new' map is then unlocked for players of that lvl. Not only would you need to go there to continue your progression but the map could be scaled in difficulty from that starting point of 20-25, so like a big city is wat a small city difficulty is on the new map, and you scale up accordingly. The map can be the same for instance all they would have to do is scale up the difficulty and lock progression behind it to force the big guys to move on. This creates the dynamic of power shifts in kindgoms as their big boys move on and could help make for a more interesting early game seizing ur new found power b4 u urself move on.
This could solve a number of issues including the need for constant new servers, bullying of the little guys , dead kingdoms, no end game, merging of actives etc. Its not some forced merger , its the player working to a certain point and then moving on to a new land to continue his progress going from the big fish to the small again with exciting new Pve content to keep him engaged for another couple months while the mid 20's grind out.
The options to include events based on similar narratives , pay an entry fee and get access to a new land to achieve some quest etc, special bragging rights items, new sub quests for other worlds once u reach certain lvls , its truly endless the possibilities.
It was just an idea i wanted to share of possibily grouping the new players together on the 'starter' servers and then having a way of progressing to a somewhat more 'endgame' server full of active 25+ lvl players , sounds exciting.
Plz share ur ideas and perhaps we can inspire the dev team.
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