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iOS/Facebook login issue, anyone else?

Tue Oct 03, 2017 4:33 am

To try and simplify I will break it down like this,

Acc 1- dwarf (Game Center)
Acc 2- dwarf (FB)
Acc 3- Rakan (FB)
Acc 4- human (FB)

I can login to account 1 with the Game Center, I can login to account 2 by clicking Facebook. I can ONLY login to 3 and 4 by spamming the login/rebooting enough to clear the memory and it lets me enter the info via the in game app.

Previously I would simply use safari to change Facebook accounts, login to the game, select Facebook and it would load whatever account I was signed into on Safari. Now however it just repeatedly logs me into account 2, even after downloading the FB app and messenger and logging them ALL into account 3.

Anyone else have this issue? It’s really messing me up as account 1 is my dwarf siege account, account 2 is my dwarf main account and account 3 is my new rakan account which I am having a blast with, so as much I would love to just quit playing accounts 2, 3 and 4 it’s not possible until I eventually move servers.

Anyone have this issue, know a fix or have any suggestions? I’ve been doing it this way for months and this just started after my iOS update and patch.

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