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Re: have they quit sh for aoc?

Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:09 pm

ddelucca wrote:
Well on patch day they did send a mail out to everyone talking about the auto-bubble and how it was going to be a work in progress to get it properly tuned. I guess they are rebalancing it.

Considering how many Chinese just go full whale-mode (on the server here in Skarn they have dominated the top 40 positions... and this server was up for a week or two before the China release) they have probably earned enough money to take a week or two in a studio vacation. The game does an amazing psychogical job of pushing people into paying. You don't spend money just for yourself, you spend money to protect your castle, your house and your kingdom from others.

I just wish their next patch gives some focus on catch-up mechanics (as people spending less than $100 a month can get easily squashed and that will further set them back), it will probably also come with the server merges (wish they had gone with one of the end game ideas on the suggestion forum, like gates to invade other servers or end game conditions to reset the map and kingdom distribution).

Do you know that they aren't going with any of those suggestions and just doing vanilla server merges or just taking a guess?
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