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Re: Whats the real reason lilith is so against nerfing jacques

Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:04 pm

DeLoungville wrote:
Niquette wrote:

You have absolutly right. More you research is far more you could destroy players lower than you easyly. Gold Rakan Crossbowmen level IX is exactly equal to Silver Rakan Crossbowmen XI with académie 9 at max.
The clue of this game Now is to op your research more faster than you can and upgrade your favorite héros to level 40 with full divine set.
For my part i dont play Jacques.
But example Mako i put him level 38 with full divine set and put all card in might and command. Now he boost damn so hard my Crossbowmen and he have ligtening meteor very op to kill in one shot a lot of troops. And it's a free Hero.
Jacques is fashion... Before it was cleo...

We will see in server merged if Jacques dominate, but i really dont think.

Mh cool, is a maxed out Mako good for other races than rakan? I mean it would have to do some significant damage after all to justify the maxing.

hw do good dmg. and is a range hero......
I'm just a professional.. so let's have a map refresh each 8 week!
Server 56
"lets NERF NERF NERF! Everything is OP OP OP !"

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