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Re: Why does only one Race get a Resurrect

Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:33 am

You guys need to be objective. When It comes to Superunits, Seraph and Sphynx are by far the most useful. I have to agree that I do not know If Rakaan Super is any good later in the game since the highest Rakaan on my server is lvl32. The biggest advantage players of any level have is usually their castle level, in most cases, those players happen to be of a human race. This 2-3 castle level advantage combined with Seraph, Virion resurrect and gold swordsmen(No morale collapse) becomes extremely unbalanced in both duels and sieges. This is especially true when players are able to build 3-4 gold sets of high-level swordsmen in the late game(or borrow 1-2 sets from other players).Not to mention their DPS unit, Archers have the highest scaling of any other unit(about 30% per level). When you add to this, the possible 91% injury rate with Elena, Vega and royal position you can clearly see the massive advantage humans have in the late game. When It comes to Dwarf(my main), we just got a 30-40% damage boost with Nora which I am yet to test and might equal humans. There are many suggestions that we can make to fix those issues, but we keep forgetting the biggest problem, DEVELOPERS DO NOT PAY ATTENTION OR DO NOT CARE about good and bad suggestions alike. They say "your suggestion has been sent to the suggestions team" or something of that nature and Is being forgotten.
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