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Meet Razer's surprising high-tech face mask

Thu Jan 14, 2021 3:50 am


American manufacturer Razer, specializing in slotxo gaming hardware and accessories, has released a surprisingly high-tech face mask that filters the ambient air, "Project Hazel" presented at this year's CES, featuring a futuristic look and a built-in microphone. And built-in lighting effects This mask has an adjustable fit, with silicon guards around the nose and chin to help seal. It is visible to the wearer's face and has two ventilation zones - placed on either side of the mouth to filter air.According to Razer's prototype,

this mask should be able to filter 95% of airborne particles. Including viruses Project Hazel is billed as a safe, social and sustainable face mask. With a built-in microphone and amplifier, it ensures that the wearer can be heard and understood all the time, even with the vent. And when it gets dark, the inside of the mask will automatically light up to make sure the wearer can still be seen.Finally, when not wearing it, the mask should be kept in a box, which not only recharges but also disinfects it with UV light.

The mask unveiled at CES could generate a buzz. But not yet released Watch Project Hazel in this video: youtu.be/FvWiCclESL8.Note: ETX Studio Publishing, which published this article, is present at CES through a virtual exhibit featuring the newest audio-enhancing news platform, ETX Daily Up.This platform facilitates the creation of audio as well as news. Personal express

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