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Want to Play Elder Scrolls Online Plus Trial?

Wed Oct 14, 2020 6:36 am

Elder Scrolls online players can try out the no obligation ESO Plus membership for a limited time and receive a lot of free DLC.

Elder Scrolls Online is offering a time-limited free trial of its ESO Plus Membership starting today. The free trial gives players access to a number of in-game perks and a number of DLCs of the game, including Stonethorn, the latest chapter in the game's longstanding Dark Hearts of the Skies tale. ESO Plus is a paid benefits plan for Elder Scrolls Online, an online MMORPG in Tamriel's world - the same world Bethesda's main games like Elline Scrolls V: Skyrim are set up in. Although the online multiplayer industry shares the same world, it is a very different experience from the single player industry.

Elder Scrolls Online continues to release new content in the series during the long-awaited Elder Scrolls VI, which fans have been waiting for. This year saw the release of the Harrowstorm DLC, an update that brought its own unique rewards and was also included in the free trial version of ESO Plus. Harrowstorm is only the first of several DLCs to be released this year. All contain unique items, quests, and personal stories that relate to the larger narrative of the game.

The Elder Scrolls online group today announced that ESO Plus membership is free until Monday. The post makes it clear that the time-limited offer is non-binding and does not require credit card information from individuals who sign up for a trial version of the add-on service. The free trial offers players the opportunity to experience DLC such as Dark Brotherhood, Harrowstorm and Stone Spike. Players who participate will also get the red carpet treatment by receiving an unlimited storage bag that can be used to make materials and dye costumes. In addition, ESO Plus membership increases the search for cheap eso gold and experience by 10 percent. However, players who participate in this week's free trial will not receive a free crown like paid members. The offer runs from today until October 19, so players can experience everything in the trial version for a short time.

The timing of this free trial may coincide with some upcoming events at ESO in the near future. Bethesda recently announced that the online game will receive a Markarth expansion in November. Markarth, a famous city in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is steeped in history and is located on a labyrinth of ancient ruins that could be in a completely different state in ESO. There are more exciting things to come as ESO moves into the next generation of consoles, although after Microsoft's acquisition of Studio there are some questions about how to handle a future version of ZeniMax on PlayStation.

While the offer only lasts until Monday, it seems to be a good deal for fans of The Elder Scrolls Online and Bethesda. Players will receive a pass for the game's DLC and a short character boost. Bethesda, on the other hand, may no longer have a few paying members after she has tried the service. This might also be a good time for those interested in the MMORPG, especially for upcoming games.

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