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Welcome to the Houses Discussion forum!

Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:48 am

Hi everyone,

To make a better use of this section please pay attention to the following rules.

To recruit players for your house:

1 - Only create ONE topic for your house.
2 - Don't bump your topic without reason.
3 - Remember to write the server number and kingdom in the title.
4 - Remember to check the "Looking for a house“ topic.
5 - Try to share some information about your house to make other players interested. Only saying that you have a house on server xxx is not going to attract much interest from other players.

To look for a house:

1 - Try to search if there are houses available in your server using the forum search function. If you can't find please post in the "Looking for a house" topic, and players from the server might contact you.

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