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Realm 35, ICARUM, house ANVIL recruiting

Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:45 pm

Welcome to house Anvil of Icarum!

Our House Anvil is the backbone of Icarum on server 35, standing firm against enemies as well as time. Our members include several veterans of server 35 and few have chosen to leave our ranks despite a history of loss and defeat. We take pride in this and believe our friendly attitude and good will versus new members has given us so many devoted players over time.

However, while we have seen hard times we are now experiencing a period of expansion and good fortune of war. This is great news indeed but we need more warriors if we are to continue expanding. So we want to invite you to join our ranks so that we can continue to safe guard the glorious Kingdom of Icarum! Join us and be part of our steady Anvil!
Vast ~ Lord of house Anvil, realm 35

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