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Server 54 - Rufio

Wed Aug 09, 2017 7:10 pm

Hello New and Old players,

Server 54 Rufio is begging for an influx of new players to its shores, with a great late game starting, 3 way split power between purple/yellow and Cyan with an up and coming blue and green army. I represent House Valhalla from Neferak and would love to see some new or old blood come join us in our team (go team yellow) but this message is here to recruit anyone wanting to come play and make this server fully active again, join any colour, build your power and come join our little community!

"Corn chips is no place for a mighty warrior"

Also Known as - Kenshin Himura
Rufio 54 - Crown Prince
Dragonroost 62 - Ex-Icarum King, Ex-Neferak King
Swanshire 102 - Skarn - House Ragnarok

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