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Realm 102 - House Ragnarok

Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:57 am

Hello AoC players,

Im posting here to promote our House Ragnarok, Kingdom of Skarn on server 102 Swanshire. We are a fun group of gamers, using discord to chat and play AoC together. We are dedicated to defence and joint raids as well as besieging cities and working with the kingdom for the game and the server to survive.
We hold 2 cities, Farstead and Isolace currently.

If you want to join up, then start on 102 as soon as possible.

Join ATHALY and search for House - Ragnarok (#20CEB) and add me Kenshin Himura (#3703502)

we welcome any dedicated AoC players who want a fun group.

"Corn chips is no place for a mighty warrior"

Also Known as - Kenshin Himura
Rufio 54 - Crown Prince
Dragonroost 62 - Ex-Icarum King, Ex-Neferak King
Swanshire 102 - Athaly - House Dhampir

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