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Server 26 | Hyral | Invitation to become governor

Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:51 pm

Greetings! Below is an invitation from the Crown Prince, YOU ARE WELCOME
Greeting to all,
past few days i have read numerous posts about how the game can become one sided at certain servers really fast and how people feel burnt out or overall disappointed about it. I feel like a number of players are not able to experience certain contents of the game simply because they are forced to restart over and over again, so i would like to extend an invitation to Hyral of server 26 that has gained control over the map but that does not have enough player base to back it up and fill it with players but before that let me give you a brief history on what happened here.
I started the game on server 26(my first server) back when Kripparian made a video on AoC. Server was fresh and action packed but we faced the very same problems every server always faces basically. When the migration patch hit few things happened. Either players quit or they rotated. 5 of the 6 kingdoms were still alive and kicking and in conflict for power. These conflicts have dwindled down to 3 where it was Russians, Chinese Money Whales or French and then 2 as French joined Chinese Money Whales. I being a player of dark blues the kingdom that died very first because it was neighbouring greens and oranges and was crippled by them, was invited to greens a while after migration patch hit. Having lost a lot of cities and crippled, i gladly joined their ranks. Having found so much more to do in a single day i was happy that this server at least for me would not die right away. We had and still have quite the playerbase to maintain our cities and keep electing a king. Our competitors that had few very heavy spenders were few in number but high in quality. As a semi-f2p who only paid for monthly patrons the top player in the server has in the past almost always at least doubled me in Attack Rating has liberally bullied low level players. Having a consistent playerbase was what kept us alive. Their numbers have right now dwindled to the point where they can't even elect a King(who was the #1 player in the server). But the problem is even after clearing 4 kingdoms and reducing the number of our main competitor we still can't gain control of the entire map and the problem being having not enough people playing with us.
Surely this offer does not grant some of the excitement that most of you are seeking but surely it does not have a risk of you playing few weeks and then either be forced to move to a better kingdom or the next server. We just ask for you to be consistent level up and govern cities for us. We are willing to lend troops to save you from the hassle of building and managing troops so you can only focus on leveling and catching up. Feel free to contact me here or in server 26(ign:Aeon) and hopefully we can properly conquer Nore.

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