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House Rivendale on server 1325 invites you to join :)

Wed Aug 15, 2018 8:45 pm

We are house Rivendale on Athaly on server 1325 Raum. The server is about 10 days old now and still accepts new players. Active players are between castle levels 13 and 16 now with the whales going up to 18.

We would like to invite you to join us :)

Our server’s fate is still very much undecided, we are currently part of the strongest alliance on the server between Athaly and Skarn, second in power is Neferak who stands alone while Dunewolf, Hyral and Icarum form the third alliance.

We are the second strongest house in the kingdom and 8’th on the realm.

We have a good relationship with many of the leaders of the houses on the realm, and we are at least on speaking terms with the rest. We maintain our own diplomatic and communication channels with the key players, diplomacy is our strength and it affords us a position of relative safety currently. We have 3 cities and are looking to for opportunities to expand.

House Rivendale stands for united nations, as such we will not discriminate against anyone based on their ethnicity or anything else. We are all fellow humans. We do not intend to create a polarised chinese versus the rest fight on the server.

In terms of population the server has approximately 42 % chinese players, there is a brazilian contingent, a russian one, a german one, an american and indian ones.

There are a dozen or so whales on the server.

We have a discord server for our house to help us organise ourselves. We update it regularly with guides and other resources for new and veteran players to get better at the game.

We are a friendly community and we understand that real life takes priority so we encourage a balanced approach to playing the game. If this sounds like a good place for you then please come join us.

To join us now you would have to create a new account on the server, if you are on a lower server you can wait 20 days until the server migration becomes available and join us then.

Look for the character sopAlx, player number 20200070 once on the server.

Join our discord for a chat if you want more information:

See you on the battlefield :)

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