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YOU ARE WANTED! Server 34-53

Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:50 pm

Merged Realm 34-53

Have you ever wanted to see what the game is like at it’s best? When two large Alliances fight each other and no one gives up? Are you bored of making FarmVille again and again?

I want to invite you to come play with us in Athaly. If you are interested in coming please send a message in game ID 1437645 or PM me here!

In our realm we have alliance of Athaly, Icarum, Dunwulf and Neferak vs Hyral and Skarn. No one wants FarmVille, we believe in keeping the server alive.

We have a very fun international Alliance with ~6 Houses and 85+ Cities. We have a democratic vote for king every week and unbiased judges that monitor activity for advisor appointments. We even run our own contests outside of the game contests.

Our discord group automatically pulls in videos from big youtubers, has an archive of all redeem codes, lots of strategy talk, powertracking bots (needs to be fixed), and more.

We have:
- alot of PvP Action
- Group Raids
- Duels
- Helpful Alliance (Tricks, Ressources, Information... whatever you need!)
- Event Support (Honor/WallDamage)
- Imperium Fight
- Fair Advisor Spots for everyone!

annnnnnnnnnnd so on...

- Yaiko

34-53 Map
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Re: YOU ARE WANTED! Server 34-53

Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:00 am

I’m Ali, I like Rainbows, and I second this message!

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