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Frequently Asked Questions

Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:54 am

Below please find a list of Frequently Asked Questions by players. If you are looking for a specific subject you can use ctrl + F and search for the therm (example: rank, realm, heroes, chests).


How often does a new realm open?

Currently there is no fixed schedule for opening new realms. When the number of players nears the limit on existing realms, a new realm will be opened.

Where can I find my player ID and current realm?
Tap on the avatar in the top left corner of the screen to find this information

Can I log on to the same account from multiple devices?
If your game account is bound to a third-party account, you will be able to use the third-party account to log-in on other devices using the same OS. On iOS, you can login using Facebook and Game Center. On Android, you can login using Facebook and Google Play. To switch accounts, click on the avatar in the top-left, then tap "Lilith Accounts", then choose "Switch Accounts".

Can I log in to a different account on the same device?

You can log in to multiple accounts as long as they were set up using the same OS. iOS accounts cannot be used on Android devices, and Android accounts cannot be used on iOS devices.

Can I switch to a different kingdom?
After initially choosing a kingdom, there is currently no way to switch. You can try playing as a member of a different kingdom by making a new character on a different realm.

How can I invite my friends to play in the same kingdom on the same realm?
Simply send your realm and Kingdom name to your friend. Remind them to select the correct kingdom, because once a kingdom is selected, it cannot be changed. We hope you and your friends enjoy the game.

How do I contact customer service?
Tap the avatar in the top left corner -> Support -> tap "Contact Us" on the right side

How do I block other players?
This function is not currently available.

How do I enable and disable push notifications?

In the game settings, you can enable and disable 10 types of notifications, including: Construction Complete, Research Complete, Resource at Capacity, Stronghold Attacked, Unit Training Complete, Energy Full, House and Private Chat, Quest Available, Defended Territory Attacked, and Healing Complete. These are visible by tapping the top left avatar, and then tapping "Updates".

I completed a purchase but did not receive the items I purchased

If you encounter this situation, please provide your realm and player ID, as well as a screenshot of your purchase receipt, and we will do our best to resolve the situation. iOS users can take a screenshot of their receipt in the following two ways:
1. Log in to your iTunes account on your PC and open your transaction record, then take a screenshot and send it to us. Please include the order number in the screenshot.
2. You can wait for the App Store to send you a confirmation email

Android users can take a screenshot in the following way:
Log in to your Google Wallet or check for a purchase confirmation email

Can you earn the First Purchase Gift by becoming a patron or buying a bundle?
A first purchase could include buying a bundle, becoming a patron, or buying Linari. After receiving your gift, the "Gift" tab in the shop will disappear.

Where can I collect my Patron daily rewards?

After becoming a Patron, the "Patron" tab will include an option to collect your daily rewards. If you forget to collect your rewards for the day, you can still pick them up on another day.

What is in the Gift Bundle included when you become a Patron?

Gold x 2000, Elixir x 2000, Lumber x 2000, Mithril x 20, Blood Diamonds x 20, Diamonds x 20, Tech Rush (60 minutes), Troop Rush (60 minutes), Energy Potion x 5, Recovery Potion x 5, Blue-level Item x 1

Does Patron membership extend to all realms?

No, it only applies on the realm on which you became a patron

Can I become a Patron on multiple realms and benefit from the 80% discount for the first month on each realm?

What can I get from opening chests?

Currently Troops, Equipment, Resources, EXP cards, as well as Tech and Troop Rush resources can be found in Chests.

There are several types of chests. How much does it cost to open each type? Do the higher level chests contain better equipment?
There are 4 types of chest in the game. Mithril Chests cost 150 Linari, Gold Chests cost 480 Linari, Adamantine Chests cost 1280 Linari, Orichalcum Chests cost 3280 Linari. When you open a higher level chest, you have a better chance of getting valuable items, such as Gold-level Units or Relic-tier (orange) Equipment

How many chests do I have to open for the next level to become available?

After opening 20 chests (not including free opens), the next level will become available.

Does the level of troops acquired from chests and bundles depend on the level of your stronghold?

Yes, the level of troops from chests and bundles will be equal to the highest level of troops trained at your stronghold.

What can I buy in the Shop?

1. Many types of bundles are available in the shop
2. Various items are for sale (new items every 8 hours)
3. Hero Packs are available for only $9.99 (First Purchase Only)
4. Bundles that can be purchased with gold may also be available. Be sure not to miss these!

Why does each ruin and mine have a different cooldown time?
The cooldown time for mines and ruins depends on their distance from your home city. The longer the distance, the longer the cooldown time.

What do the stars on mines and ruins represent?
Stars on ruins represent difficulty. The more stars a ruin has, the harder it is. Stars on mines represent the amount of resources that can be earned (more stars meaning more resources). Each day, there is a chance that the number of stars on a given mine or ruin will change.

How do you move your territory to a different city?

There are two ways to move your territory:
1. Create a "Noble House"(Guild), enter an unoccupied city, then press "move".
2. Join the Noble House which controls the city you wish to move to, enter the city, then press "move".

Is there a cooldown time for moving your territory?
Yes. When you move between your Capital and another city, you must wait at least 10 minutes before moving again.

Will enemies I encounter on the map and defeat later reappear after a certain amount of time?

Where can I find Bosses?

Explore the map and unlock new areas to find Bosses.

Will defeated bosses reappear after a certain amount of time?

Are there additional rewards for earning victories while exploring ruins?

Yes, there is a chance of earning valuable items and equipment.

Why are the shops I find on the map always sold out?
Currently these shops are shared among all players. If other players have already purchased all the items in the shop, you won't be able to buy anything. It is recommended to purchase items immediately after they become available.

Where is the wishing pond and what can I get from it?
The wishing pond is located directly north of Rivendale. There is a chance of getting many types of equipment and resources.

Can I fight against players from the same kingdom?

Why can't I steal resources when I am sieging a city?
You can pillage resources only after moving from the capital.

How do I retaliate/counterattack?
Within 24 hours of a House member being attacked, the House's Lord and other members can retaliate by tapping the House's "Activity" tab, choosing the player that was attacked, tapping "Revenge", and then attacking the enemy's territory from a distance.

In PVP battles, why did my heroes that didn't participate in the battle lose energy?

[PVP Rules] The loser of the PVP battle will lose one point of Energy from each hero that did not participate in the battle. Heroes that did participate will not lose additional energy.

Why am I unable to challenge someone to a duel?

1. Your power is less than 50% of the enemy's power
2. All your heroes are injured or have no energy
3. You are under a surrender debuff. For 1 hour after being defeated, you won't be able to intercept resource shipments, attack cities, or occupy cities. You can still be attacked while in this state.

How do you conquer a neutral city?

1. Defeat all neutral troops in the city
2. Occupy the city for approximately 10 minutes. During this time, you may be challenged for control of the city by other players. (But other house members may help you defend)

If the House Lord is not online, can another House member be promoted to Lord?
Not currently

How do I request a troop loan from a member of my House?

Tap the House button, choose a House member, select the troops you wish to borrow, and then tap "Borrow"

How do I increase my supply cap (troop limit)?
You can increase your supply cap in the following ways:
1. If playing as human, upgrade your Outpost. If playing as Dwarf, upgrade the Recruit Center. If playing as Lich, upgrade the Sepulcher.
2. Become a Patron
3. Increase your heroes' Command rating
4. Upgrade your rank. Some ranks come with an increase to your supply cap.

Are there any units that cannot be healed?
Yes, it will be indicated in the unit details if a unit cannot be healed.

Why do some players' troops exceed their troop capacity?
This is normal. Because units can be accquired from chests, its possible to exceed your troop capacity.

Is it possible to recall troops that have been garrisoned on city walls?


Can Buildings and Techology be queued up to be built or researched?
These can both be queued:
1. Construction Queue: While a building is under construction, you can add another building to the queue. When the first building is complete, construction on the second building will begin automatically
2. Research Queue: While researching a technology, you can add another technology to the queue. When the first technology is complete, research on the second technology will begin automatically
3. Patrons can queue an additional three technologies and buildings
4. Buildings cannot be queued in your capital city
5. Research and Construction queues will be cancelled if there are insufficient resources"

How do you upgrade your House?
Every time a House member spends energy, the house will earn influence points which can be used to upgrade the house to a higher tier. Spending 1 energy earns 1 influence point. You begin accruing influence only 24 hours after you have joined the House.

What benefits do you get from upgrading your House, and what is the highest possible House tier?
Houses can be upgraded to Tier 20. Each time you raise the House's tier, it can occupy an additional city, therefore a house can occupy a maximum of 20 cities (regardless of the size of the cities).

What are special districts? What benefits do they give?
1. Special districts are hexagonal areas within that provide bonuses
2. Each provides one of the following benefits: Gold production +100%, Elixir production +100%, Lumber production +100%, 10% faster building, +10% faster training and healing, Bronze Supply Cap +100 (Example: If occupying a city originally provides a base 40% resource output bonus, occupying a special district would result in a 140% bonus).
3. The effects of special districts are fixed and are not related to the size of the city.
4. The city Governor occupies a district with the greatest bonus, enjoying production bonuses for 4 different resources (Gold, Elixir, Lumber, and one other that varies by city).

Why am I unable to enter some districts?
1. Another player moved out of the district within the past 12 hours. So the district is temporarily in "ruins".
2. You cannot enter the special district in the city center unless you are the Governor of that city.

Does the number of special districts depend on the size of the city?
Yes. Small cities have 8 special districts, regular Cities have 16, Big Cities have 24, and Huge Cities have 32.

How do you become city Governor, and how many Governors may each city have?
The city Governor is appointed by the House Lord or one of the House Ministers. Each city may have only one Governor.

How does a city earn income? What types of income can the city earn?
When a House member spends energy, the House gains influence and the city they reside in gains income. When the income bar is full, rewards are immediately sent to the residents of the city. The actual rewards vary by city.

How many heroes are there in the game?

There are currently 18 heroes in Art of Conquest

How do I get heroes?

There are two ways to get heroes:
1. Reach higher ranks. Vega, Grimms, Gazul, and Virion can all be unlocked by upgrading your rank.
2. Other heroes can only be earned by purchasing Hero Bundles. Every time a new bundle becomes available, there is a chance that it is a hero bundle.

Is there a way to change which hero is shown as my mounted avatar as I ride around and explore the map?
Not currently

When I choose my first hero on one realm, then go to another realm, I still have the same hero. Is this a bug?

This is not a bug. Currently your first hero selection will carry over onto all realms.

How do I earn Hero Energy?

Currently energy can be earned in two ways:
1. Let your energy build up over time. Every two hours you will automatically earn 1 Energy, and this will continue until you reach your Energy cap.
2. Use an Energy Potion. Every bottle will give you 5 Energy. Energy potions can be accquired by:
-Purchase at a shop
-After beating enemies or exploring ruins, there is a chance of earning energy potions
-Become a Patron. Patrons get 3 bottles of Energy Potion every day.

How do I unlock the last column of equipment for a Hero?

There is currently no way to unlock these. However, there will be a new feature in the future which allows you to unlock them.

What is the significance of "Rank"?
1. It allows you to unlock new units, heroes, and races, and increases your combat power.
2. It shows your prestige. The icon next to your player name represents your rank, and it will change from bronze to silver to gold as you reach higher ranks. Only about 10 players on each realm are able to reach the highest rank.

What are the different Ranks and how do I reach a higher rank?
Currently there are 9 Ranks: Page, Squire, Knight, Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis, Duke, Archduke. Ranks up to Knight can be reached by simply accumulating Honor. The higher ranks require you to move your territory out of your capital, or level up the main stronghold in your city (Castle, Pyramid, Engine).

Is it possible to be demoted in rank, and lose the rewards that I earned at a higher rank?

Yes, if reaching the rank required you to move out of your capital city, and after reaching the rank you move back to your capital, you will be demoted. The heroes you unlocked at the higher rank will remain, but all other rewards will removed. Buildings that were unlocked at the higher rank will be temporarily locked.

What effect will switching races have on my rank?

No effect. The heroes earned and rank reached while playing as the previous race will be preserved.

What are the playable races in Art of Conquest? How do I switch races and what does it cost?
There are 5 races in Art of Conquest: Humans, Dwarfs, Lichs, Rakans, and Sylphs. Currently only Humans, Dwarfs, and Lichs are playable.

How to switch races: Click on your territory's main stronghold (Castle for Humans, Engine for Dwarfs, or Pyramids for Lichs), then scroll to the right of the list of buildings at the bottom of the screen. There will be an option to switch races, provided your stronghold level and Rank is high enough. Switching races will cost a certain amount of Honor.

Will my building and tech levels be affected when I change races? Will some of my troops disappear?
Building levels will stay the same, but you will have to start over researching technology. Troops will not be lost (including those on city walls).

If I switch back to my original race after changing races once, will my technology research and building levels be recovered?
Yes, they will remain from your previous time playing that race.

How do I earn Honor?
Honor can be earned through participating in duels, seiging, exploring ruins, and sending resources.
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:48 pm

Do free chests match the level of chest you can currently buy? For example, if I buy enough Mithril Chests to be able to buy gold chests would I then get gold chests for my free chests?
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:22 am

Lokipiece wrote:
Do free chests match the level of chest you can currently buy? For example, if I buy enough Mithril Chests to be able to buy gold chests would I then get gold chests for my free chests?

Unfortunately, no. The free chests you get will remain Mithril.
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:58 am

Say, if you buy 20 chests and open the next chest "tier", the daily free chest upgrades or is it still mithril?
That's what he was asking, I phrased it differently :)
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:33 pm

Maebius wrote:
Say, if you buy 20 chests and open the next chest "tier", the daily free chest upgrades or is it still mithril?
That's what he was asking, I phrased it differently :)

Thank you for pointing that out. I corrected myself with that reply.
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:32 pm

Maebius wrote:
Say, if you buy 20 chests and open the next chest "tier", the daily free chest upgrades or is it still mithril?
That's what he was asking, I phrased it differently :)

The daily free still the first, the next one you need to buy everyday if you want it.
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:24 pm

Thank you everyone for the info. I figured that was the case but didn't want to miss out if it wasn't.

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