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Bug reporting

Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:50 am

Hello my name is Ev,

Started playing this game a few days ago
Amd right after the patch the game crashed wile I was fighting the boss ( Argos ) and he disapeares along with his loot however the quest was completed.

Now I cant see the barracks where I can recruit mercenaries, cant see the loot of bosses that I discovered up to that date ( and that I didnt kill/loot and I cant see the mines/lumber mills and pools.
Also one of the mazes is glitched and has a permanent quest sign that doesnt go away.

Second glitch I have linked my account to everywhere but It doesnt let me start a new game. It just starts a fresh one. I Play on android and wanted to see if I couldnt switch to and Ipad trough the facebook link switch.

Thank you for your time I have contacted the support a few days ago but no aknowledgement so I hope I can be heard here thanks for your time



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