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[Guide] Little bit of unit placement and general things

Mon Aug 21, 2017 1:17 pm

I'll try to keep this whole thing here pretty simple and post a few pictures because I see people time and time again with some awful setups hitting empty garrison walls or just a little help with quests if you need more than 2 heroes or have lots of injuries in the lategame.
You can find TL;DRs at the end of each part in cursive writing.

(General thing list at the end)


The later you get into the game the more and more you have to have gold spiders to do quests in any efficient and easy way.

This is the setup I use for non-boss quests. Vega can be substituted for anything because with this setup you won't use any skills besides the mass heal from priests, you will need avalon to get 5/5 units or you can take out 1 spider and play around a bit.

This is my setup for boss quests, I'm more concerned about Avalon staying alive than using his War Horn ability efficiently. Just the hydra alone with this setup will result in very few injured spearman unless you are unlucky and the sharpshooters get a lot of crits in. (Side note if you do get the dark golem or both you can use a 3rd spider and have the spider tank the stones... although that one is always extremely close and without hero spells quite hard).

4 spearman got injured in this quest:



Skeleton Titan Quest

TL;DR: borrow gold spiders and gold archers/gold priests and don't have any injuries with only 2 heroes after non-boss quests.


    Dwarf Rocketeer

There already is a dwarf guide with a video so I just wanted to cover a little part about dwarf setups if you borrow them from someone in your house.

DON'T place your dwarf rocketeers on either side to hit a side wall like this

because if you set them up like this the resulting damage will look like this

What you want to do is moving the ones that hit the side wall to the opposite side like this (I know it's not from the same attack as the following damage chart because I forgot to take a screenshot...)

This will result in the dwarfs hitting the wall and the splash damage hitting the wall next to it aswell.

First damage chart uses Fire Off right at the start and the second one doesn't use it at all.

TL;DR: put dwarf rocketeers in the middle and use Fire Off asap to deal more dmg


As human you basically just want to throw all the archers you have with Avalons archer mastery at the wall and watch the pretty numbers at the end but since not everyone wants or can have that many archers you can use a 1 stack of swordsman (you don't really want to use more because they have an awful wall hitting AI and if you put them on either side to attack walls 1/3 to 1/2 will just stand around barely doing anything). If you want to use more meele troops then only use horses to attack the sides, 2 stacks of 6 horses will not get in each others way.


About here right in the middle 8 squares from the left and right is an almost optimal placement, 20-24 swordsman should be hitting the middle wall of the garrison with this.

... not much more to say about humans, put higher tier archers behind lower tiers because gold archers will start shooting the wall before silver archers resulting in blocking the silver archers to reach the wall faster.

Here's a cheap and dirty made wall damage chart that gives a bit more accurate numbers than those 5-6 digit things the game provides. (Swordsman had about 230-510 damage with a huge variance because I hadn't figured out where to put them)

TL;DR: put 1 stack of swordsman in the middle, put silver archers infront of gold archers


From what I've seen in a few tests siege weapons don't have any splash damage like dwarf rocketeers so it doesn't really matter where you put them. Since last patch there is 1 important thing that got added and its Avalons War Horn ability. It only lasts for 8 seconds but the scaling per level is crazy and even if you just have it at level 1 why not use it the most effective way!

This set up will enable Avalon to buff a total of 6 sieges (yes the HUMAN gold catapults don't have a flame buff over their top because of some weird graphical glitch but they DO GET THE BUFF)

TL;DR: catapults like the sound of the war horn so make them hug Avalon

General things

These are just a few things I've notices without screenshots off the top of my head

    • Spiders are faster than tanks so if you use both put them infront of the tanks or the tanks will block the hell out of your spiders.
    • Spiders will block your cavalry so put the horses infront of the spiders.
    • Heroes standing shoulder to shoulder can block cavalry so leave at least 1 square between heroes if you plan to have cavalry behind them
    • Don't get fooled by the high attack power of priests, their wall damage is really low (see dmg chart above)
    • Research and Building speed tiles don't work retroactively but they also don't require you to stay on the tile, which means you can hop on the tile start a research or a building and profit from the time reducation and then move off again to share it with someone else. (This doesn't seem like much at the start but in the end it will reduce building times for your castle by 10-20 hours which is basically an entire new building you save.)
    • The game doesn't force you to spread out your troops and have exactly the same things on your left and right side of the field, sometimes its better to stack one side with your best units and abandon the other. This is especially important in the tactic school where you can use Avrils Ice Wall to stall one side while you morale boost your best units on the other side.
    • The Governor title of a city can be shared, which means you can appoint anyone and give this person the ability to rank up to duke/prince and get the army cap bonus without them having to capture the city themself or move to the governor tile in the middle.
    • Wall HP restores to 100% after you upgrade them.
    • Troops you borrow from someone CAN DIE OR GET INJURED.
    • After every attack on a castle leave the city screen or click on a different castle, this will refresh the castle UI and tell you if someone set their garrison to defend the person you want to attack.
    • Spearman have an extremly low power level so in case of an attack your garrison will first deploy swordsman and even priests in the front row before considering using spearman. (happened with level 8 gold swordsman/priest and level 9 spearman)
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Re: [Guide] Little bit of unit placement and general things

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