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[Guide] Kirk's General Guide About (Almost) Everything

Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:14 pm

Hello and welcome to my guide. My name is Kirk and I will be your guide by helping guide you through the game by writing this guide as well as helping guide anyone through my guide if they have any guide-related questions about my wonderful guide. Confused yet? Great then keep reading!


At first, the bosses might feel seemingly impossible with low-level troops and a lack of knowledge about their attack patterns and abilities. However, I will teach you how to clear them with little difficulty, or few losses. What you need are 1 catapult/cannon, sylph archers which will help slow the boss down, melee units to surround the boss and attack, or tank, and snipers if you are dwarf. All you really need to do is put a catapult/cannon in the far right corner and surround it with melee units like scorpians, robots, spearmen, or horses. Troops who deal additional damage to giant units are useful such as spearmen. If you are dwarf, put the snipers out of the way as the dragon will attack your cannon in a straight-line drive and then start attacking other units once the cannon is destroyed. What you want is to kill the dragon before it starts attacking your units when it kills the cannon. If you don't kill it in time, you will lose a lot of units. You can always retry the battle until you feel like you have a good result.


Ah, gaining power.. probably the most important thing in this game. Power basically decides what you can do and what you can not do. It also decides whether you will be feared and respected player, or just another farm for more powerful players. The most important thing I will say is to KEEP YOUR UPGRADE QUEUE FULL. What I mean by this is you never want to keep your queue empty. You will definitely fall behind if you keep it empty for a day. Time is the most precious resource of them all, especially in this game. Missing out on a day, or even a couple hours can decide who moves up the power ladder. Lost time equals lost opportunities my friends!

Building up your army and plundering castles is also very important. The amount of resources you plunder is dependent on their strongholds wall hitpoints as well as the amount of resources they have. If you have cleared all of their troops already, use only ranged units like archers or rockets to attack. If you are a lich.. well.. I'm not really sure what they have :/ Try using gold scorpians or borrow some troops from your allies.

Fighting in PVP battles isn't worth the losses, especially if you are a dwarf like me. You do not gain anything except honour which has a single use. Avoid PVP battles unless they are with a weaker opponent, or if you are just trying to waste your opponents energy with the "1 hero" tactic.

You can also recruit units from the recruiters in the map. This allows you to go over the troop cap and gain additional power. I see this as a waste of gold as it's "fake power".. however power is power and the extra 700ish power every 10 hours will start to add up.


Well the most obvious answer would be to join a strong house or migrate to a strong kingdom. However, if you are reading this and want to start on a new server, join the yellow kingdom. They are usually the strongest because of their locations and veteran players who join new servers know this. Another tip would be to start building relationships with people as alliances are important. If you see some strong players talking in world chat, possibly say something back or start a conversation with them. That's all I have for you on this topic. As you all probably realize I am not the biggest winner.. but hopefully you all will be better than me at that.


Purchases.. usually what separates players in power. Here I will give my opinions on what to purchase, and what not to purchase. First of all, the monthly pack is a MUST if you want to be somewhat competitive. I won't explain it any further than this as it should be quite obvious why you NEED it. $5 a month isn't bad if you ask me. As for other purchases go, the $5 and $10 packs aren't really worth it. If you have to buy anything else, consider buying the $10 hero or more linari so you can buy troops when they are available in your shop. With linari you are able to buy troops in the shop which are very strong and some which cannot be trained. The good units are expensive (2000+ linari) but can be obtained even if you do not buy linari. Just save up linari from your monthly pack and you can buy 1-2 sets of gold units every month depending on the leftover linari amount.


Very easy. Melee troops up front, catapults and cannons in the back. Don't put your catapults too far off to the side or else they will miss the wall troops and your units will get killed off. Be careful when attacking a human castle which is high level. Human archers are extremely dangerous- especially at the gold tier. When I attack humans, I usually put a few extra catapults in the back to take care of them.


Human: Archers, Horses
Lich: Scorpians, Spider (is this even up for debate?)
Dwarf: Robots, tanks, snipers


Human: Silver/gold archers with horses and healers. Spearmen are also very good.

Lich: Spiders and scorpians as well as possibly summoners.

Dwarf: Snipers, tanks, engineer, robots (although they can die and are very expensive)


For your heroes, completing sets for your heroes is very important. You do not have to have the full set, but the additional boost from having 3 set items is a fairly significant one. Equipment might also give certain boosts to specific heroes. Be sure to give your heroes their specific items.

Hope this helps. If there's anything that needs explaining I will go into further depth.
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Re: [Guide] Kirk's General Guide About (Almost) Everything

Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:57 am

Thank you for the submission. :)

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