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Re: [GUIDE] Guide to 400k+ by VCW for Power+Protection+ Jacques Prevention

Mon Dec 25, 2017 8:28 am

tzionb wrote:
i have a question about wall building:
since i am dwarf race - i have added silver snipers to wall as long as bombers sliver
i did not added mech or tank since they can die and they costy.
my question is: should i add them or focus on other troops to deploy for the gate?

Hey sorry I don't have the prosperity for each upgrade I mainly just go off the priority list I wrote up,

And in the early game you should be focusing on adding humanoid troops to the wall only - not mech, try unlocking the gold as soon as possible and place them on the wall with continuous plundering, silver troops are somewhat trash on garrison throughout the entire game , silver mech is okay though and best for garrison since it's affordable and will do best against archers, horses and swords for early game and helps disable bronze raids of bigger players.

I wouldn't recommend you place any Gold mechs or tanks on the garrison till they are XI + and you have a huge amount of humanoid golds on the wall in case you do lose your mech garrison one day , you will need a recoverable backup.
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