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Guide for return player start again on new server

Thu Nov 28, 2019 5:36 pm

Hey you , yes you , you plan to replay the game after sleep for 1 year and wonder about Art Of Conquest current status of early game so you can start a new without look like total newb ? then this guide is for you

Current status of new server is " F*cked " , and here is many thing that will explain why in details ( or not because i'm suck )
okay let's start from the very beginning , step by step , what you read is exactly what i see when I replay on new server

- now there is a International server , so chinese not every damm where , but there still a lot , and oh god they are more whale than ever , sometime you can also play on Full Chinese server , make sure to start a new server Again if not want to hear racist stuff
+ usually english ( or international in general ) is in Teal ( light blue ) , sometime also orange
+ yellow is mostly russian , sometime can see other language , but yeah mostly russian , if you fine with russian this is for you
+ orange , dark blue , green , purple is mixbag of chinese and europe country ( or english ) but one or even two of them will be full chinese after few week of playing and migrate stuff to kick yellow (rus) and teal ( english ) butt with their whale power
+ weakest kingdom power still get 600k exp card , 6 stamina , 6h speed up healing/training , and for first king week it usually are orange ( full chinese ) and may stay like that for next 2 , 3 week until chinese from all other kingdom migrate to orange , so yeah if you F2P and you need those bonus , you may want to learn some chinese now

- so , start out , you can only choose either avalon or arvil ( and get the other anyway after like 2 tutorial battle ) no more rufio , he strictly a hero get from void mirror , tutorial is a lot easier than last year , include tutorial quest from lv 1 ----> 10 castle , what i think best change is change from kill xxx human , dwarf , lich to just flat collect gold , exilir , wood on map , you only need to find a neutral hold those resources and kill , not run a round to find specific troop race until your head spin , cool , also void mirror Can Go In at lv 7 , cool , like , very cool
- next you click on rank button , and you can change race easier than before , rakan is not need to be the Last Rank to unlock anymore but the 4th rank , the rank need you to move out of capital or auto unlock at lv 9 , so you can become rakan in First Day , spoiler rakan now is shit so don't jump happy , will explain later at choose race .
-also require very low Honor to change race , so basically what game want is you just keep switching race depend on situation now
- The Map Is F*cked , this is the first F*cked thing i notice , basically each kingdom have starter city near capital , and those city , you can't go in ( unlock ) after 6,8,10 day server time , you want to say " cool " then cash player can't go to your kingdom starter city near capital to kill new player day 1, well that true , but what F*cked here is they also not rework the map a.k.a move boss from lock city to open map , so depend on where you start , you May not get resources , item from boss until 5 day later despite it just weak boss that you suppose to kill at lv 8 , 9 castle or something , and you already lv 13 castle when those map can unlock , the resources and item of that boss now look so unnecessary , extra , small , maybe even unneed ( i transmute rufio and arvil blue gear set when get it from boss lol ).

-your castle have 3 day shield protection , don't attack other player city in open map city , not worth it , find a neutral city and suicide with full bronze + hero to complete quest daily , also if your castle in lock map , the game treat it as if you are in capital , yes , enemy guild can click on revenge button and attack you , don't think you are safe as long as you stay in lock map city.

now strictly P2W , they increase the wall HP to 7000 , without cash player rush castle to lv 9 and build catapult , good luck try to use arrow shoot wall to dead after 10 time maybe wall lost 3000 HP ( if i remember right when I attack it as starter only lost 200-->300 HP , maybe if i switch to dwarf race can deal higher damage to wall lol ) also game have a bundle 1 dollar(?) that give you gold archer and gold cavalry , you as F2P player just Can't Win , you can win later with advantage knowledge rush lv 15 avalon vega arvil gazul something , but not first day dude , also if they have jaques it also basically over , so yeah if you F2P player don't be vocal , just wait till some whale capture city and jump in , best if you can land on +10% building speed spot , next is resreach , worse is army cap , since you have nothing to do with bring your army around try to duel with someone , rush castle ASAP , this should be explain later , but basically even gold troop rank 10 cannot withstand all the ability of hero now , either in PvP or Defend castle , your only chance to suivive in this mad world is rush castle pass rank 10 gold troop and Maybe your castle have a chance to suivive defend

this is where you wanna know what change for your favorite troop race , through this is only my experience , if you disagree just jump on new server a test it yourself ( since it new server , i won't cover Zen and Dire version , just Gold version )
- miners get shield HP , armor , sniper deal extra damage to hero , that is all significant buff , the rest is just lilith buff %HP or %ATK on random patchnote that you won't care and i won't care either
-tank and mech still die 100% , sad noise
- no change to rocketeer i think , still plunder less than lich undead omegalul
- so currently they are in the middle of everything , from pvp , siege castle , defend castle , the only buff from hero of race that help dwarf race is Nora , she recently got buff , basically she can lend her ammo to sniper or bomb , as such , start out as dwarf is BAD , consider Nora need to get a void mirror Later , and when search on youtube I mostly found video about dwarf getting ass kicking by other race , but one thing stay true is mech gold tanky as ever , despite all sniper , rocketeer on backline already died by hero skill or something , all hero and backline troop can die , but not gold mech
-only see few people pick dwarf race at the start , i literally have 0 experience vs dwarf in new server now , never meet , mostly human and lich , so I guess dwarf , slyvane , rakan is rare animal now , lol
-spearman get shield that block heavy damage , still run away from battle , get buff HP a lot , but still run away from battle , maybe late game need to counter large troop frontline , but not now
-swordman , sliver version have immune morale collapse , just read this and you already know the pain in the ass first 20 void mirror stage , the gold version get a passive when revive +30% HP and %ATK WTF
-archer gold version more likely to hit enemy frontline with evade chance
-cavalry still charge at spearman and died
-priest kill undead faster , maybe heal more , whatever , you will only use archer anyway , who care
- so , compare to dwarf , all hero relate to human get BUFF like CRAZY , archer , swordman , cavalry mastery gain a -morale decay rate , which mean they are harder to morale collapse and ALSO go with + x sec morale boost duration , this is not all , VIRION ULTI NOW ALSO HAVE PASSIVE REVIVE SWORDMAN , at 6/5 , he revive 6 swordman troop every 20 sec in battle , without even active the ulti
- so in total rakan vs human = dead , easier to bronze swordman siege castle ( or just straight up full swordman sliver since they have immune morale collapse , archer also harder to morale collapse , when pvp early when you blizzard archer troop of enemy don't expect morale collapse , at best fronze them
-their castle defend still suck , only 3 thing relate to defend castle got buff that is sliver swordman not morale collapse , archer gold get guarantee hit every 10 second , priest kill undead faster , all of them are non-relate to how to defend against Hero and Dragon , my first server when I replay 1 month ago my kingdom full human , and get just capture city , then lost city because human defend suck ass , not full gold troop all , but you know the drill
- so in general this currently best race for siege castle and pvp , don't expect much when other whale stomp your castle , actually even free to play player can stomp human defend , lol , also the most popular race right now , both as pro choice or default starter , I check on youtube and there are mostly human race PvP , so I guess human late game is super duper good , instant pick if the most thing you care about is pvp
-scorpion get multi buff , from HP , to Shield 15 sec , more damage to mech , and the reason lich will be top tier in defend castle if you mainly want to focus on defend castle early game , 4 other race is F*cked in defend , but not lich
-skeleton , warlock get BUFF A LOT , too much that i advise you to just check wiki instead , but basically they are cheap , strong , and gazul can make them resurrect in battle AGAIN when die so they are nice shield , few day ago warlock get nerf in plunder resources , but before that , skeleton + warlock can plague everywhere in new server , since they can 1 hit , steal everything in guard tower , so 100% die rate like mech troop is basically nothing , since they are cheap and steal resources more than dwarf , I already make topic about it but entire forum disagree with me 1 year ago , so I just make it short , that if human is the most popular on new server because of default race + a lot human buff , lich is second popular because of this cheap combo , imagine your city have 5 guard tower and just 5 attack all resources is lost , doesn't matter if you guard or not , since you know , skeleton is great tank to buy time and jaques jaques jaques , maybe because you guard tower the whale will angry turn toward your castle and 14 car siege it down too , lol
-mummy got nerf when try to resurrect higher tier troop , nice
-spider , same , best in defend castle , since it massive troop so it not get one shot by OP hero like other race range troop , or even melee troop
-still bad in mirror
-undead strats steal and create gold troop throw to wall is very strictly whale , if you are F2P I advise you just scorpion and Spider for castle wall , argue the best defend early game right now with all OP hero 1 shot stuff with dragon
RAKAN (sad noise):
-sad samurai got nerf in HP , as such he is worse in defend and pvp alike , also still no hero to buff ATK and HP , so there that
-monk get -45% damage from large troop , i think hero is large troop , if so that a great buff , but they still can be morale collapse , personally i don't want to use this troop in all aspect pvp , siege , defend castle early and without denji mastery buff , only when ensure enemy use large troop frontline , like PvE vs dragon or mirror
-ninja become better at defend castle , pvp still the same , most of his passive got rework so you need to check wiki for details i can't write it all down , too long
-TURTLE GOT NERF , from 30% ----> 24% , just because it greatly abuse by other race player, while rakan race player got F*cked in ass , i don't even want to use it early game anymore because place 1 more crossbow troop is more value now unless mirror no casualty perfect challenge
-sad crossbow , it got Small buff , that is become 3x4 instead of 4x4, so you can place 5 crossbow in siege with 3 car , more hero placement in duel , GREAT RIGHT ? now first let's check out the nerf , DEADLY PIECE ARROW ALE LESS DAMAGE WHEN ENEM TROOP FAR AWAY , so now it deal Less damage to range troop , less chance for morale collapse , especially human archer just got buff harder to morale collapse , include with turtle reduce damage , it mega ass hard to morale collapse range troop , or kill them now , like warlock , so you can place 5 crossbow in siege now , but it also harder to finish backline , all of this mean you need a hero that damage enemy backline to combine with your crossbow to morale collapse or kill anything , in short , just because of this change , rakan race is even more hero important than before
-just like dwarf , nearly extinction in new server , when PvP i see crossbow ale and not morale collapse archer make me sad , in siege castle slightly faster siege , but still bad regardless since their plunder power is bad , defend castle subpar
-all 3 hero relate to rakan have amazing passive for themself , as such , this become dilemma , do you want to buff rakkan troop and lost 1 amazing passive ability , or just play other race with full amazing passive ability , on youtube I search rakkan video and rakan get ass kicking by other race , maybe ale system is bad now with all new damage hero + avalon war horn +140% attack speed at the start , ale need 5 sec later to active to even trigger crusader shield of virion , also if ale when being disable by roots , stun , taunt , the ale will Not trigger , make cleo blackhole deadly vs rakan compare to other race don't care , the Ale system need rework so badly , maybe remove it entirely is my opinion and add some amazing passive , or rise their HP up again , still trigger by that -%HP samurai honesty
new race , i have no experience , but in short , just like dwarf and rakan , extinction in new server , maybe have something to do with their frontline only large and massive troop and new player ( include some old player ) build Gold Spear and run around with it instead of gold sword , if they got the shield like scorpion , I would rate them equal with lich in defend castle , also maybe because there no free hero relate to that race at the start , so it feel subpar in pvp and siege castle

in short , this is the most F*CKED UP thing i ever see , and the main reason why human , rakkan race defend wall easily break , you can get a dragon system when lv 10 castle , that doesn't matter , what matter the most is you can get Legendary Fire Dragon Egg when you run explore win stage 2-5 and 4-5 or 5-5 , the Fire Dragon have a shield skill , that Burn everything around it ( and also reduce damage taken ) IT ABSOLUTELY BUSTED , and it the bane of your small troop existence , even a Free To Play Player can up the skill to lv 24 and KILL ALL GOLD SMALL TROOP RANK V ----> X IN 3 SECOND , imagine a free 2 play dude just place 1 hero and 1 fire dragon attack your castle , and the dragon can kill 6 gold troop swordman/samurai before go down ( mostly because of range troop on wall , all melee troop touch it got F*cked ) , this shield skill is Random , but since you have 2 chance to get , also you can get this skill in normal egg anyway , ANYONE CAN BREAK YOUR WALL DEFEND EASILY DOESN'T NEED TO BE WHALE , this alone drop castle defend rating of human and rakan to below lich , slyvane , dwarf because they have large troop frontline , ah yes , also anyone can PvP win you with this dragon , even new player , he can do ape shit and still have chance to win you who have knowledge about hero skill , position and such , since 3 sec in battle and your frontline small troop burn and die in agony , you need virion + rufio max tank gear , stats and skill , guess where they place their dragon and pray jesus , or if you are whale , jaques is your answer to this dragon thing , tho your frontline maybe still fking dead before your jaques can kill it
in short , get Fire Dragon with fire shield, Win Game , get any other color dragon , Lose Game

only significant thing add early game is Artifact thing , basically any hero can equip it , can upgrade star to it and gain some amazing passive or active , material in explore of dragon

in short , F*ck buff troop hero , DPS hero is the best , DPS hero mean those hero with A Lot of passive deal damage , either frontline or backline , like mako , jaques , since you left the game , lilith add shitton of DPS hero , some old hero when passive reach 10/9 also suddenly fking amazing , troop buff is now late game stuff , you better grab 1--->3 DPS hero first if cash player , if F2P Player only open 40 chest , well , i would say just get troop buff hero like usual , lol

if you are F2P player , try +3 all rune of temple 4 , 5 , then go for the +15% troop you want , for example I want +15% HP ATK for samurai so I +3 all rune for temple 3 , details about temple buff can see on wiki

everything is new for you and me , but one event you need to avoid when starting on new server is when arena season open, to open arena and get reward you need minimum lv 9 castle , in short the cash player can reach castle lv 9 day 1 , while F2P will need day 2 , 1 day give 300+ coin arena , and what you need to know is arena shop have speed up building and level up dragon , if you start new server Right When 1 day arena left , then the cash player probably have extra building rush and dragon level , while you have NOTHING , since your castle not lv 9 to event get reward daily

will add more when i can remember , it midnight now so my head kinda fuzzy
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Re: Guide for return player start again on new server

Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:07 am

so yeah just a quick update :
Art Of Bazric
Bazric is a new hero can get from chest , which mean anyone can have him

He literally become Denji with Lifesteal after xx times ( lower than 1 min that for sure ) and have active skill that Denji-ed anyone to dead , even troop on wall , and since if there are no hero , Bazric instant become denji and active his ulti at the beginning of battle , he can One Shot any kind of defend , which mean choose race for defend kinda meaningless , currently even chinese with their sea people strats don't want to push anyone to corner , because there is a chance the other language player will just gather with full bazric and also empty chinese city when those chinese not online , it hilarious really , depend on if you have bazric or not , you will be able to earn big respect from chinese

so , because he become denji after xx times , and he have lifesteal on top of that , in pvp , you DON'T WANT to use small troop , if you use rakan , human you have to be several higher power than the player that have bazric , instant kill all troop surround bazric and kill him with tag , else bazric will Denji-ed all your small troop to dead , as such , currently top choice of race to pick are either Lich or Slyvani , their range troop also have Roots effect to restrant bazric in place if by any chance he survival last with Denji-like skill already open , and lich , slyvani have large troop melee , which mean bazric will not be able to lifesteal much and instant kill all your melee troop , I have several duel that I have like 6 hero left , with 3 range , 2 melee , enemy only have bazric left , and guess who win ? bazric win , not even jacques can do this because at least after certain amount of time jacques will run out of ammo , while this dude become denji after left him uncheck xx times , after 3+ duel like that , i just tag him at the beginning of battle , there no rocket sience about it , if he survival last I lost anyway , currently consider getting sprig instead of tok and elena because sprig is range DPS hero can help burst bazric either at the start or later can roots him with megafast attack 20% chance roots , not consider get bazric because I hate him , if anything I will get Bazric Last

lich and slyvani have range troop deal bonus damage to large , massive troop mean you have big advantage in event in new server , better than human try to use spear or rakan use monk at least , because if you pick those race and use those troop , you are weak in pvp , unless enemy are slyvani or dwarf , 2 rarest race I ever meet in duel tower in entire 2 month of playing on new server

so yeah if I have to rate which race currently Most useful in all situation , it must be : Lich > slyvani > Human > dwarf > rakan ( tomorrow buff monk and ninja , will change rakan to human slot if they ever any good )

so that it , first open 40 chest hero is 100% bazric , knowing lilith they will not nerf him anytime soon , they not nerf jacques why you think they gonna bother nerf bazric ?

PSA : if you use monk or spear frontline then you need tok + elena + dragon have all passive reduce damage like noble blood ( reduce physic damage ) , hero predator , purple passive +HP , else don't try , lose more than win , monk + spear likely to morale collapse before you can even open AoE heal , unless you are mega-ass lucky and get general dragon set and equip on tok , and place tok near 2 monk-spear troop , still leave 2 other monk-spear open for morale collapse anyway .
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Re: Guide for return player start again on new server

Fri Jan 24, 2020 10:40 am

Excellent share!

Thank you!

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