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Very simple solution to self-balance kingdoms: Reset mobs/treasure

Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:05 pm

Problem: Kingdoms unbalanced - well known problem contributing to dead servers and runaway dominant kingdoms. Very little incentive for players to switch kingdoms right now (for 1000 linari!)

Easy solution: When players move kingdoms, they have X% of mobs reset:
Where X is a function of the kingdom they are moving from minus the kingdom they are moving to times some number (20% in example below):

For example:
If you move from the most powerful kingdom to the least powerful ((6-1)x20%= 100%), you get 100% of your mobs and treasures reset
If you move from the most powerful kingdom to the fourth most powerful kingdom (6-3)x20% = 60%), you get 60%, chosen randomly, of mobs and treasures reset
If you move to a more powerful kingdom, you get nothing

This would do a bunch of things:

1) it would solve a lot of the resource drought problem for mid and late game
2) It would give people new objectives - building up the kingdom they are in, so that they could move again and get new resets
3) It would create more movement, more change in territory and shifting alliances, civilizations would grow and fall, like life
4) Players would rebalance/self-balance their own servers rather than some arbitrary solution from designers...

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