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Hrook's Next Suggestions Thread (Updated based on Royal Towers)

Mon Aug 21, 2017 6:03 pm

Edit: I've updated this thread with some reflections on Royal Towers (at the bottom) since the Buildings suggestion is basically Royal Towers.

Original Post:

Heya, good game, keep it up, new suggestions have been collected and putting them together in one place. I've tried to review other suggestions to not overlap, but apologies if I've missed someone already saying the same thing.

The Farming Problem

Mid-game, most servers must be running into the same problem as ours – once inactives have all been farmed and picked clean, there is a sudden drought of resources, which does create conflict between kingdoms, but it isn’t any fun if one kingdom is dominating. In addition, this effect runs counter to every build and explore game, which usually has resources and scale of conquest increase exponentially to match increased build costs. Here, though, it is logarithmic, we are fighting twice as hard (use of energy, better troops) for half as much (or less) of the dwindling resources. Also, it isn’t sustainable – eventually inactives are killed and there are no resources short of finding active players who have overslept and let their resources accumulate without shield. The proposals below are some suggestions to solve this mid-game resource drought (and make the game more interesting):

BUILDINGS IN CITIES (Woods, mana fields, mines, etc.)

All of the cities are much larger than they really need to be – even a small city is 45 spots, maybe 10 of which are used by active players in an active city on an active server. Scarcity creates interesting strategic choices, but there is currently no scarcity in cities and, therefore, no interesting choices. Why not let the players in the House build buildings in these spots, creating some strategic choices for how land is used? Here are some ideas for buildable buildings in cities:
    Woodlands: Would produce wood
      Mana fields: Would produce elixir
        Mines: Would produce gold and, occasionally (randomly), mithril, blood diamonds and crystals

        All of the buildings above could be raided, creating new incentives for raiding – right now we basically seek out inactive ghost cities for raiding, but this would create incentives for raiding very active cities.

        Members of the house could request wood/elixir/gold/gem shipments from the Building, then it would ship just like a robbable caravan (see Trade, Escorts, etc, below). This creates new robbable caravans (see Caravan Ambush below).

        Special Districts in Cities

        Again, scarcity creates interesting choices, so I’m dusting off a suggestion from earlier – all cities should really start with little or no special districts like mineshaft, campus and arboretum and others and they should be unlockable/upgradeable. These could be damaged but not destroyed when the city is taken over. Then better cities will evolve over time in each server, making them unique. Very high level special districts legendary (like some kind of Arcane Library (+50% Research Speed), Golden Palace (+300% Gold Production) or Magical Training Grounds (+40% training speed)) might even be worth fighting for.


        God it is boring, just 90 seconds of boring – no choices, can’t even chat, I’ve taken to writing down long lists of suggestions for the game in this down time. Here are some ways to fix sieging:

          Sappers: Units that only attack walls and do a lot of damage
          Compound effect: When I’ve sieged a wall couldn’t I be better at it next time? +1% wall damage per previous siege in last 2 hours.
          Assist: When other people are sieging, shouldn’t we all be better at sieging? +1% wall damage per member of kingdom sieging in city at the same time.
          Chat: Can’t we at least chat with each other while our forces are mindlessly attacking the wall?

        Trade, Escorts, Caravans and New Types of Encounters

        I like the caravans and robbing them, but there is a lot of untapped potential for interesting gaming in the mechanism and, frankly, the physics of it don’t make any sense. Currently, I can raid a city at the other end of the known world and have the plunder instantly shipped home the moment I win, but to collect resources from a lumber mill next to my city, it must be loaded on to a caravan and escorted…

        Why not make all resource shipments robbable. Including plunder from foreign cities and production from houses (from buildings above)? Then you’d have lots of stuff moving around the map and people would have to choose targets… of course, you’d have to fix “rob” and “escort”, which brings me to my next suggestion:

        Change ROB to Caravan Ambush

        Rather than just clicking “rob” this would be a whole new encounter that could be quite interesting. A caravan ambush would be one hero and 2 or 3 (if Avalon) units. They would have to attack units (up to 4 or 6?) that have been assigned to escort the caravan (rather than actually having to escort the caravan with our lord which is also boring). Caravans could move across the field (from left to right) and, be plundered just as castle walls are plundered, but they are a moving target. The encounter is over when the caravan reaches the other side. It keeps it interesting because people could decide what units they want to attach to escorting and it gives a good use of a single hero’s energy. Units like goblin raiders could target the caravan. It also diversifies robbing, rather than one person grabbing four caravans, four players could try to grab caravans on the way.

        In addition to the resource drought, there is also a mid-game content drought – once you’ve cleared the dragons, you basically have no new content – everything from here out is repeat – clear dungeons, raid other kingdoms, etc. Caravan ambushes could help to create new user driven content.

        Dueling Levels

        A lot of the times we don’t duel right now is because we have no idea whether someone is going to drop a single hero there to waste our time or drop 25k including gold there to demolish us. What commander has ever entered a battle with this much uncertainty? Suggest you change dueling to allow for three different levels:
          Skirmish: Each side is limited to 2 heroes and no more than 10k in troop strength. Allies cannot SUPPORT a skirmish (see SUPPPORT below).
          Clash: Each side is limited to 4 heroes and no more than 15k in troop strength. Up to 2 allies can support a Clash.
          Battle: Any amount of heroes and units can be assigned, within constraints of space. Up to 4 allies can support a Battle.

        I would also structure the escalation of dueling – if I challenge someone to a Skirmish, they have three options: Fight, Retreat or Escalate to Clash – I then have three options: Fight, Retreat (pay energy) or Escalate to Battle. If two people really want to throw everything at each other (and heal their troops for two days), at least they know it when they escalate to Battle. Battles like that should be viewable by everyone since they can be epic.


        Why can’t I help a member of my house when they are fighting someone? What about a SUPPORT option when someone is dueling or sieging – you can add one unit of troops to an ongoing combat, that enters from back of a melee and engages with battle (with view option on battle?). Some of the greatest moments in fantasy fiction are when allies appear over the hill to turn a losing battle…. This could also help the sieging problem above – speeding up eliminating city walls.


        Would be nice if there was a simple emote for waving/saying “Hi” to people you know on the map when running by them. You could do four or six emotes (Hi, Tremble, Threaten, Bow to name a few) that show up in chat to the other person, in case they are not in map at the time. This would increase communication and interaction on the server.
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        Re: Hrook's Next Suggestions Thread

        Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:01 pm

        This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of text. Love it. Your ideas could make this game quite enjoyable. As is, it's become a bore and many players have realized this. But again, this isn't a game-of-war-type-game, it's AoC and the differences between this game and Game of War is what differentiates the two games which is why I believe the developers won't add a lot of these features. However, I love it. I support this. Hope these ideas are added.

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        Re: Hrook's Next Suggestions Thread

        Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:16 am

        Awesome suggestions!
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        Re: Hrook's Next Suggestions Thread

        Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:47 pm

        Bumping this up because the new Royal Towers are basically what I was suggesting in Buildings In Cities (thanks, I think they are a good addition to the game) - but they need a few minor tweaks:

        1) It is very strange that a level 4 alt can summon a level 36 royal tower - why not scale to level of the governor summoning the tower?
        - If you are worried about people farming towers, just make rss start at 0 for low level towers and then they grow more slowly than high level towers?

        2) You might want to make towers cost honor, would also eliminate spamming them across the server and using alts to summon them

        3) Like I said, royal towers are a welcome addition - they will add more permanence and stickiness to the map, which otherwise shifts very quickly - why not add more types of buildings, some of which are suggested above?

        4) Why not have ruins be worth something for building new towers and other buildings? Then cities would come to have a value to them beyond just the resources in them.
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        Re: Hrook's Next Suggestions Thread (Updated based on Royal Towers)

        Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:58 am

        Wow, wow, wow
        Awesome suggestions!
        I think they should give you dev possition at Lilith!
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        Re: Hrook's Next Suggestions Thread (Updated based on Royal Towers)

        Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:20 am

        +1 May be along with emotes can be added "Dangerous" mark to players who have plundered recently. So we know who is just exploring and route only when needed...

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