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[Bug] Mech forcefield & "range" attacks

Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:22 pm

The Mechwalker line of units have the ability "Forcefield", whose effect is described as "The forcefield around this unit reduces damage taken from range attacks by 50%".

The very obvious interpretation of "range attacks" is any sort of attack that is enacted from a distance, opposed to melee. However, this effect does not seem to function against Rocketeers, Spiders or Tanks. It does not animate the forcefield effect, and the damage taken seems to be substantially higher than from other ranged sources.

Swordsmen, who have a similar effect "Clenched Shield", are described in greater detail as "Reduces damage from arrows, javelins, darts and bullets by 35%". The contrasting ambiguity of "range attacks" leads me to believe this should be all encompassing.

Is this misleading text, a visual bug or a feature not working properly?

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