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[Suggestions] Robbing carts - fix "click to rob" function

Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:19 am

Hey, in my opinion robbing unguarded carts is to easy right now.
When you see such a cart on your way - you can just click and rob it without even stopping. You are not losing anything, even time.
But why? I mean - transported resources are so huge - that your hero need a wagon for that! Why enemy can get 40% of it and run away? Why enemy can get 40% of 4 wagons and run away IN NO TIME? And enemy hero do not even have to be NEAR that wagon to rob it ...

Here are my suggestions:
1. robbing should not be instant - maybe some "repacking" animation which will takes 2 or 3 seconds?
2. robbing should not be for free - it should cost 1 point of hero energy so you can't rob infinite numbers of wagons without losing anything? and if some pop-up with hero selection screen will be displayed with need of select hero and confirmation - it will be connected to 1).
3. robber should not be able to disappear instantly when logoff - if he do that thing right after robbery - he's avatar should stay on map. He went in interaction with other player - why the other player can't have interaction with him?

The reason of my suggestions are situations, which - i think - many of us have met:
- You don't have time to guard every single cart at once
- so you gather 2 or 3 wagons in close range, maybe even one right after another - and your are running near them
- some guy is just running, he is not even near wagons, click&rob, click&rob, click&rob - and logoff. I can't even react - when I target him, click fight icon, confirm that attack (3 different places on screen) - he is gone ... Or - by some kind of "server lag" - you don't even see that someone is robbing you, cose he's avatar has not displayed yet...
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Re: [Suggestions] Robbing carts - fix "click to rob" function

Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:56 pm

There's like 3 posts in the first page all related to carts. If you all would try to minimize creating multiple posts of the same topic and just discuss it in one, it would help us create one hot topic to compile all our concern there. Cheers.

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