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Raid when in Capitol!!!

Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:56 pm

I am playing this game since 25th September!! and my main Acc is in Server 1024.
Once I played 1 -2 Days, I came to Forum, gathered as much knowledge possible and based on that I have decided to buy Patron and Jaques only, as I do not see value for money more than than that for entertainment!!
Now since I happend to start playing with Game launched in China, I got all those energies in the beggining, and without leaving Capitol once (Since I was very much scared of loot!!) in 18 Dayes i.e by 12th October I was level 17, with a hoard of Mithril, Crystal and red gems with 111K power in total!!
Since all NPC battle have finished by 9th October and I realized that sooner or latter I have to move in to a City I started building my Garrison with Gold Troops and by 12th October Morning I had 4*24 Gold Archer and 2*6 Gold Horses in my Garrison and was planning to make 3 sets (3*24 sets) of Gold footmen as per suggestion of Forum. by this time I already had more than 30K Honour and level 17 Castle.

Now I am in time zone GMT +5.30 and as per my time of 16.45 of today I moved to a city from Capitol just to collect Virion!! Once I moved, I ranked my self to Marques get virion, loot one small city I choose before moving, and immediately left my house!! That moved me Automatically to Capitol i.e in nefrec!

Immediately I got message that I am demoted to Viscount and Cathedral was locked out as I had moved to Capitol!! and with no resource loss!! all Good and as per plan!!!

Latter around 18.30 I logged in to game and see that out of 6 Garrison Gold Army, 4 set is injured !! I thought that may be I was attacked by someone during my 10 min stay in City and I have stopped the attack successfully!! no resource loss till this time. I put all injured Army to hospital and leave!!

around 17.35 I log in again and see between 19.11 to 19.28 I have been attacked 11 times by two persons and lost
100K around Gold
120K wood
160K elixer
1500 Mithril
350 Crytal
50 - 60 red gems

Huge loss!!
I checked Immediately!! I am still in nefrec!!

I see the battle report and try revenge!! through it was saying I have to move out of Capitol for revenging I can start battle with my Attacker!!!

Clearly it is bugged!! and I want my resources back!!!!

Zinek -- If you have any direct link with developers!! Can you plz tell them about this and help me get an answer!!

I could have thought that the raid have happend during the 10 min stay in Capitol and mail came latter!! but immediately after I leave house and City I was left to Capitol with Demoted message, locked out Cathedral around 16.50 with no resource loss!!

How the hell I loose resource in Capitol??
also why to show 4 out of 6 of my troops in Garrison is injured around 18.30 and around 19.15 all of my troops in Garrison were injured!!Clearly some thing is bugged which have affected me badly!!

Kindly help!!
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Re: Raid when in Capitol!!!

Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:46 pm

When you are in capital you are not safe from revenge, whenever you attack a city all the players in that cities house can revenge you. No matter if you are in capital or in another city. When you tried to revenge them, if you read the message again you can see it says that you cannot plunder them. You can still revenge back, but as long as you are in capital you cannot plunder anyone. ALWAYS know your enemies allies before you attack a city, or well this will happen.

This is not a bug, this is a system that is in place so people dont just go attack someone and then hide in capital
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Re: Raid when in Capitol!!!

Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:11 pm

You attacked another city and that registers as an attack in their house activity log. As long as that log is there (which depending on house activity can go from just a few hours to actually days), they are able to revenge attack you wherever you are. Moving back to the capital to avoid retaliation was a huge mistake, as now that you are houseless and out of that city you have no one to defend you. So it simply became a matter of them grinding your garrison down and starting the easy pillages.
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Re: Raid when in Capitol!!!

Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:40 pm

Yea not a bug it's revenge attacks. You attacking the enemy player allows their house to attack you back. Being in the capital you had no one to cross defend you so you got raided on mass to take all your resources. Sorry for your loss but that is how things work. That system is in place to prevent players from attacking cities and hiding in the capital.
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Re: Raid when in Capitol!!!

Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:04 pm

You can still shield your city via the wall interface when in capital. You should have shielded after noticing you'd been attacked.

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