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Power calculation suggestions

Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:06 pm

First English is not my first language.

The Power in this game really doesn’t show how strong you are. I have some suggestions.

1. Troop power: First, count for the max power that can be deployed at once. And for the remaining army, only count something like 20-60% of its real power. Let’s don’t think about Jac bronzing for a moment. A user is likely to use his/her highest power troops in a battle, so the max power that is possible to deploy will really show the strength of the troops. It is just so easy to inflate this troop power by producing mass bronze units, getting from merc camp, and getting units from chests.

2. Hero Power: This needs to have more contribution to the total power. I am 890k, and my hero power is ONLY 20k. Considering stats, and passive buff skills are so important, this hero power number doesn’t represent your real strength. Someone can make 1000 bronze to just gain 50K. But my hero power is only 20k? This is just nonsense.

3. Garrison power: Similar thoughts as troop power. First calculate the power of the units to defend the first wave, and give some penalties for the second defenders. For garisson power, I feel the penalty should be a lot lower, somewhere between 30-90%. Since every garrison troop will do their job until the wall gets empty. And, I think Lilith is maybe doing this already, because when I put my units into my garrison, the total power decreases.

4. Building power: Seems reasonable. Maybe more power to army training buildings?

5. Research power: The portion seems too much. I have 400k research power out of 890k total power. If power is to show your real strength when fighting, how about decreasing the power for non battle research. Such as faster heal time, cheaper training cost, and faster training. These research do almost 0 help when you are fighting someone.
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Re: Power calculation suggestions

Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:21 am

I agree that power is not an accurate manifestation of your strength... But players on the servers I play have already learned to judge by the Castle and troop Level first.
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