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Suggestion: Territory Control and Sieges

Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:58 pm

I already sent this to the Facebook representation of the game, but I was informed of this board recently, and figured I'd share it here for discussion as well.

Here is my suggestion. The reason I came up with it is to create a sense of armies clashing and create a few new tactical options in the game beyond "biggest guy duels the weakest away"

As well as provide a way to protect caravan paths, or prevent gatherings from being spied out, and a bunch of other ancillary things. But mostly I want there to be a tactical element to world map movement and terrain.

Anyway, here it is, as I messaged it:
Game Suggestion:
People should be able to use a skill called "Fortify" or "Entrench". This skill would be to allow players to control territory by blocking unchallenged movement.

I propose using this skill should bring up a window where you select an army and formation that should have the power level that it would engage with your own level. The formation would include 3 archer positions that are walls.

Once you activate the power and setup your formation, interactions are disabled like you are escorting a caravan. It puts a defense icon over your Avatar's head on the world map. Logging off or exiting.the game removes you and clears entrenchment. Entrenchment cannot he done while white flagged, although being white flagged doesn't clear it. It should also have a 10 minute cool down.

When a non allied person enters into a 7x7 square of someone entrenched, a popup should appear with two options. They can either duel or cancel and not enter the square. If they are engaged from teleporting in like recalling to the city, cancelling gives a white flag and sends them back to their caputol, but doesn't hurt them otherwise. This allows people to defend and be walls, but also allows the clever to try to find ways around them. An entrenched person who is engaged in battle will not block someone.

When an entrenched person is dueled, they deploy with whatever formation they selected. They cannot change it. They also engage as defending, but can be attacked by anyone, the relative strengths do not matter, except that the entrenched army when first setup must have met the basic strength requirement to assault someone of their own level. This strength might not be met as troops are lost, but it only matters when it is first set.

Heros take the usual energy when they are deployed. Any time a hero is unable to participate in the battle, a random one takes its place. Every time one unit type cannot be deployed, one of a weaker type of the same size takes its place. if one doesn't exist, the space is left empty.

if there is not enough heroes for the deployment, All units take a 5% reduction in health and damage for every point above the missing amount, up to 80%. So 3 heros with 8 units would be 8/6, which would be a 10% reduction in health and attack.
The formation entrenched with is the one that is always attempted to be realized, so each time it is battled it is measured off of that starting base. that means the heroes it is setup with will be the first to deploy, so they will never be placed in random positions.

Entrenchment formations allow the placement of special random hero markers.

The person engaging the entrenched person gets to see the units in the ideal setup of the entrenched person, but not their level or number. So they can see that the entrenchment was done with 2 units of dwarf archers and 7 units of dwarf warriors, but not that they are gold. Or that one gold has 3 people or that the other units were all injured by an attack 3 minutes ago and are currently replaced with bronze units.

The entrenching Army starts with a wall strength of 0.1% of their fortress. it then goes up 0.01% every minute they are entrenched until it reaches 10% of the wall strength (sitting there for roughly 17 hours)

A entrenched army gets a white flag if all their troops are defeated, but it does not send them back to their capital. An entrenched army is sent back to their capital only when they have no deployable heroes or when the wall has been demolished.

The start of the battle does not offer to use potions. The entrenched army must see to their own condition.

The entrenched army can get the special battlefield terrain by being next to the appropriate features. River for the river, Cliff for the cliff. It is random, but the entrenched army can repeat the entrenchment until they get the right battlefield they want.

During the setup for a battle, the person who is entrenched has the option to abandon the fortifications. Doing so injures everyone who was about to deploy sends the player back to the capitol, and gives a white flag. Heroes and units that would not have been deployed are left uninjured and with whatever energy they would have had.

To address the game Imbalance in taking down cities when city like fights increase, I offer a special type of entrenchment called besiege. It gets no walls, and instead of growing walls, it does a small amount of damage to walls as time passes. This damage is to the walls of an entrenched player first, and then to a random castle in a city later. Besiege has a 9x9 radius, which is just outside the automatic duel range of entrenchment. Besiege doesn't institute automatic duels, and requires 3 siege units to be deployed.

Thank you for your consideration.

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