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Alliance [Suggestion]

Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:18 am

I think there should be alliance Guild vs Guilds not Kingdom vs Kingdom where onlu King decide with who you want to be allianced.
I dont like sitiuation that is right now when you can make alliance "all server vs one kingdom".
Alliance need some changes and i have got 2 ideas :
1: Let Guild make alliance with other Guilds . Let Guild Leader to decide about alliance. That will be solution when sometimes not all guilds from some country are your friends. We have got situations when cooperating with alliance capturing city, other from alliance collor attack you while capturing and you cant do anything to them, dont even rout/revenge them.
2: Governor of towns should vote for kingdoms they want to make alliance. Lets make it more in democracy way. The same way will go votes from other kingdoms governons if they accept alliance from that kingdom.
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Re: Alliance [Suggestion]

Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:54 am

First one sounds good, second one not so much.
The problem is that people can just appoint their alts as governor and vote with those so its not actually changing much, and letting people vote for your king that are not in your kingdom is also weird, that way there will be alliances only for the time of the vote(to get more votes), and besides that people that dont actually have to live with the result shouldnt be allowed to vote for a king.

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