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Suggestion: Main Commander

Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:58 pm

The idea of this suggestion is to help address the issue of hero stats deciding battles (really meaning whoever has more heroes deciding battles) while also giving an interesting choice to players.

Main Commander
-A hero chosen by player to be their main commander
-during a battle, troop buffs from hero stats only count stats from the main commander. So for bonus attack speed from command, the game would only calculate based on the command from your main commander and the enemy main commander, rather than the combined command of all your heroes and all the enemy heroes. Same is true for: troop physical damage from might, troop magical damage from intelligence, and troop health from stamina.
-other attributes of stats still affect each hero. So for counting bronze army cap from command it would still count the total command of all your heroes and for the magic attack damage of a hero it still looks at that hero's intelligence stat.
-players could change their main commander whenever they want. This way they can choose a main commander strategically based on what they want. So if you want a tanky army for a battle you could choose a commander with high stamina, while if you have an army that mostly does magic damage you might want a commander with high intelligence.
-some abilities that affect stats might need to be adjusted, such as Bane's Barbaric Blessing and Avril's Gifted Mage, to make all hero's equally appealing to focus on as your main commander.
-Paladins might need some adjustment as well since their gear gives the most over all stats and would cause everyone to always choose a paladin as their main commander.

This would in theory address the issue of "whomever has more heroes wins the battle" and also be kinda of fun since players would get to pick their favorite hero and feel rewarded more for focusing stats on this hero.
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Re: Suggestion: Main Commander

Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:58 pm

Sounds good. After selling tons of heroes and skill points such thing will never be implemented... In fresh realms you can get divines in first few days to outstat anyone so its all the same...Then lets not forget crafting adjustments. May be if its few main commanders...Or different requirement so if magic requires 60 then might requires 80 for 30% bonus... I seriously doubt any changes for this "feature".

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