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Bug hero skill in hero trials

Wed Sep 05, 2018 3:46 pm

So after long year of waiting and actually no one report it so i decide to check again : is it only me or everyone just lazy to report

So yeah after hero trials come out and stuff with that , and many day of hero trials , i notice that when you click on hero A skill , then decide that not good and click , use hero B skill and click on ground, the game decide to use hero A skill instead , and it only stop by click Small as F cancel button above skill hero list

It actually cause no direct harm , as you can alway retry hero trials if thing goes wrong , maybe that why no one report

Yeah abyss also the same , today i have a good moody to do some abyss and actually fking encounter this bug

Also go along with it is place 3 latern of wraisux something out fast to transform , in dragon and duel , it 3 lantern on ground , yes ? But in abyss and hero trials , if you click place lantern down too fast , only 1 come out , this is really small bug , because no one care about lantern of wraisux anyway , you only need him transform to become BigDaddy to clear hero trials , but yeah let’t count it as bug also

To fix this bug maybe dev will buff lich 3 more time , guaranteed it
Unrelated : so if you used to Hear about declare war make attack city easier and alot english city lost , meet my server 3 month old ,china declare war on small city that have 1 lich castle , and after 60 min it fking survival and actually can’t siege it down either after all , thanks dev buff , you really make lich become god already
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Re: Bug hero skill in hero trials

Wed Sep 05, 2018 6:45 pm

I will let them know

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