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Fix sitting in Capital

Sat Nov 14, 2020 3:35 pm

So on my server we have a nasty whale who really sucks. When he takes people to the capital he still manages to attack them and get resources... which is horse crap. So I was thinking of a few things that need to be fixed with the capital.

1. When you are in the capital you should not be able to be attacked at all including revenge. Okay so thinking this through it can be exploited in a way that people will leave capital, do their attacks, and go back. So, capital moving needs a separate timer than moving from city to city.

If you move to the capital to protect yourself, from whales that cannot be defeated, you get 24 hour timer before you can move out. And likewise once you move out you get a 24 hour timer before you can voluntarily move back. This way you cannot exploit moving to and from the capital.

2. If you are in the capital you should not be able to target another player at all. Why? Because you are in the capital for a reason. To be protected. Therefore people should also be protected from you.


Being in the capital should have its perks as well as drawbacks.

The perks being
1) resources are 100% protected and
2) you are not a target to other players.

Drawbacks are
1) you cannot pvp unless someone initiates duel against you this includes sieges, alters, initiating duels. Anything that would target another player.

By doing this, going to the capital becomes a last resort to protect yourself from nasty unbeatable whales

2) you have to wait longer to move out
3) you lose the bonuses from being in a city.

Any other input to support or not support this is cool but I know that our server isnt the only server with an unbeatble whale that can defeat anyone they want without losing troops.
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Re: Fix sitting in Capital

Wed Nov 18, 2020 4:33 am

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