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Some Suggestions

Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:06 pm

Hi, I have some suggestions. If anyone has access, can please help pass these to the Devs? Thank you

1. On the screen of creating new group of troops (where there are sliders and textbox to change the number of army), I think its also good to give an instant percentage checkbox, such as 50% or 33% (but still for each type of the troops). This will be also useful for expedition if we want to divide the army equally. Another idea is also to have an instant option to exclude certain tier of troops, such as "remove all T1 troops".

2. Currently, the bottom left button does the zoom in and zoom out, but could also really use another instant wider zoom out (maxed zoom out), instead of having to do it by pinching.

3. Adding navigation on the Battle Log. Adding such as "Jump to next 50 turn" , "Jump to middle of battle", "Jump to end turn", or even jump to a custom turn number.

4. When we are garrisoning inside Gate/Altar/Sanctum/CF/Flag, whenever a new player sending troops it will trigger the early warning notification (Even if we have clicked the ignore button). Please add another feature such as "Ignore future reinforcement". If we are the one who has arrived early, very annoying to have a flashing blue screen whenever a new reinforcement is coming.

5. Allow us to set the custom main commander (Captain's Mark) for Gate/Altar/Sanctum/CF/Flag. This is very important, the 1st commander might lead 1M+ army and cannot just rely on auto in choosing the commander.

6. Adding some more info on Alliance Members List. Such as last time online (i.e. if have been offline for few days), maybe also actions points spent within the past 3 days, etc. This will help the Officer/R4 to better understand who is active or not.

7. On the ranking within alliance (Alliance > Settings > Rankings: Individual Power rank, Killing Machine, etc), could also add a new rank based on the total dead troops. This to recognize members who have been willing to sacrifice their troops for the benefit of alliance. :)

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