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Money Guage for sugar skulls?

Wed Oct 31, 2018 2:20 pm

Overall I have been enjoying the Halloween event but.. there is only one gift I would like the exchange for - the permanant Halloween theme for thr city.

HOWEVER.. I need 20 sugar skulls. Only 10 can be aquired for free. You can then get 3 more id you spend 12,000 gems.

So that leaves 7, which can only then be purchased from these “spooky bundles” giving only 3 sugar skulls a piece, and costing a whopping $6.99.

This is absolute robbery. I have already contributed a decent amount of money to the game because I WANTED to- it is NOT RIGHT to make people invest more because they NEED to.

Give us a way to earn these skulls freely, or knock down the ridiculous price to actually purchase them..

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