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Growing Concern for Player Inactivity in Older Kingdoms

Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:12 pm

Good day Lilith Games,

I am hoping that you will read this message because this has been a growing concern not only from me but from a lot of players in the community. As I observed, the Lost Temple event has brought the kingdoms to unite for a single cause. We loved it and in fact it was one of the events that we see how people come together to let go of their personal motives and just fight as one. However, a few weeks after Lost Temple has been occupied and peace has been established, most players have come to realize that there were no more reason for them to go online than to gather resources. They no longer find it exciting to play the game because it became more like "Farmville" and less ROC.

I don't hold any grudge to the top alliances that control the politics of the kingdom. They wanted peace so the status quo won't be disrupted. But the longer the peace is maintained, the rustier the sword has become. And it is the reason why many people has become inactive.

Don't get me wrong, Lilith. Peace is ideal but conflict and a little disorder is necessary to mobilize the people. This brings me to some suggestions:

First, I hope you can introduce some events that will disrupt this peace. New NPCs, for instance, whose function is to attack alliance territories and structures will for sure keep the governors awake to defend their lands. It may be composed of Guardians who are aggressive or new NPCs whose sole purpose is to attack.

Second, I hope you can introduce a raid system wherein areas with large resource deposits and guarded by strong NPCs can be attacked and occupied. Of course, other alliances will also be able to attack occupied areas. This event plays well especially when during such event, there will be lesser resource tiles in the kingdom. This will force alliances to continually engage each other.

Third and last, give a chance for free-to-play players to compete in events. I know you have a lot of ideas to work this out.

These are just wild ideas Lilith, but the growing matter is we want to revive the players' interest in the game.

I hope you understand how we players from older kingdoms feel, Lilith. After all, on one part, it is through the success of pioneer kingdoms that brought ROC more players, and on the other, the creativity of the game developers. Please do rake time to reflect on this issue, Lilith. We didn't signed up for Farmville. We signed for Rise of Civilizations.

Thank you!
Thank you!
With sincerity,

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