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MinaMoto Statues

Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:45 pm

New player to the game and love it. Have one critisim so far and thats Mina Satures. After purchasing a few packs ($100 or so) . I started Mina as another player told me he was good.

I lvled him up to 3 stars and maxed lvl but found I could not find statues. Even the generic gold statues u can use on any other legendary character would not work.

Through my reading of forums and experimenting buyijng the $20.00 vip chest I found that the only way to lvl his skills are pay the vip packages.

1.) can someone tell me how many statues are needed from start to finish to max his skills.

2.) might I suggest that you can purchace the vip chests more then once per lvl or at least enable the use of the generic statuea for legendary.

Very disappointed with the limited ability to progress this character even by paying money.
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Re: MinaMoto Statues

Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:04 pm

Hey there fellow new player!

I too love minamoto no yoshitsune (Mina) and was told he was a great commander, not the best mind you, but great. I levelled his first skills as 5/1/1/1 but fell in love with how he feels paired with my Scipio (Probably better paired with a Cao Cao). So I too am gunning to max him out!

Anyways for you to get him maxed skill-wise you can only get it from VIP chests; the paid kind. In Total if you buy all chests you will have 20 sculptures leftover so we can skip the first two chests.

Rounding up from 0.99 USD to 1 as 1 cent is negligible we will get 192 Dollars or the equivalent for your currency, which is stupidly expensive in my opinion and I implore the devs do review that, or allow Mina to upgrade with the generic sculptures.

P.S: May have errors.

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