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How To Use Commanders Correctly and Effectively

Tue Dec 04, 2018 6:06 am

If you start with teh Korean Civilization then you should not use your strating commander to attack but all other starting commanders will be good for attacking usually when you gather or build you should send advanced or obselete commanders (the Green and blue ones) becasue this leaves your more powerful commanders to be able to defend or attack

If you plan to attack another person and you have lohar you should definently use him if you don't then use any high level commander no matter the rarity if it has the highest commander power then use him or her

if you just have like all the commanders from epic and below (Like Me) then you should only upgrade advanced and obselete commanders to lvl 10 just for power and use sculptures on them cause those sculptures are easy to get but epic one shoudl be lvl 15~20 and maybe 3 stars but Lohar and your starting commander is who you should focus on upgrading
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