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Memento Mori Phoenix [MM/P] KD 1630 Recruiting active players.

Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:45 am

Hello all,

Yorkie here, leader of MM/P.

We are seeking active players to join our alliance and Kingdom.

Our kingdom is currently feeling a little bit empty compared to what it was since a large number of players emigrated.

In response we are seeking active and social players to join our alliance.

Memento Mori Phoenix is an international alliance of active people from across the globe. We are well connected and our kingdom is currently peaceful.

MM/P rundown:

English preferred but all welcome.
Multiple Shrines.
Area 2 access.
Minimum power 1 million.
Family with multiple top 10 alliances.
Allies with several others.
Opportunity to graduate to larger Alliances if desired.
Gift Level 6.
KvK focus.

For further information Please get in touch.


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