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Recruting #1182 Kingdom of Toledo

Fri Dec 28, 2018 4:45 am

United Dark Kingdoms a.k.a UDKs is a new Alliance with the aim of helping new players grow together within an active and supportive community!
The only requirement is that you help others that help you within the allience so we can build our selves to the top and RISE UP!

Instructions on how to join in case you don´t know how to or find yourself in the wrong kingdom:
1. First, you will need to finish the tutorial and chose the name of your governor.
2. After that, please make sure you are on the Continent of Ergia - Hampton -> #1182 kingdom-Toledo -> Blaye, you can check that by zooming out until a globe pops up on the lower right corner of your screen, click it and then in case you are not on the right kingdom change it to the one mentioned.
3. Then join the alliance United Dark Kingdoms [UDKs]
4. Then in case you are not next to us use the white arrow next to your VIP level on the left upper corner and use the teleport feature to get into our area, and that should be it :D

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