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Kingdom #1270 -Recruiting- [uv!]

Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:15 pm

In Kingdom #1270-Main Alliance & Family (uv!) Is Looking For Very Active Players who are 3 Million or more Power total, Level 21 or higher City Halls and Tier 4 Troops Unlocked! We need Active and Friendly Players who are committed to Growing themselves but also our wonderful Alliance (uv!) We have very many benefits and buffs to enjoy and assistance from other uv! family/wing Alliances that all uv! players can benefit from! If you want to check us out, Message The Leader “KILLACC” or a Officer/R4 for details, also check out our Home Kingdom #1270 for details as well! (uv!) ultraviolet is a wonderful, active, strong Alliance and we are striving to get better and better EVERYDAY! (uv!) Come JOIN THE FUN! Join (uv!) Kingdom #1270 (uv!) :)
[uv!] #Kingdom 1270 [uv!]

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