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Kingdom #1104 Recruiting active players

Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:43 am


Kingdom #1104 now recruiting with a power cap set at 45m.

Not long before our KvK started we had a mass migration with our few T5 and a bunch of players following them thinking they could get easy rewards (true for the KvK map rewards but they now can't place in events like MGE!), even with this migration our main alliance UnX managed to put up a decent performance putting our kingdom in 4th place with the T5 kingdoms the only ones ahead (including a top 30 power kingdom) .

Now we are building our forces for the next KvK! We have had an influx of players from one kingdom already and are actively talking with others to come on board.

We are ideally looking for players with 10m+ power but activity is more important to us.

The home kingdom has been at peace for a long time now with temple rotation in place and everyone friendly and those remaining being active.

UnX is currently 3billion power with 6+ of us nearing T5.
We have 4 other alliances over 1b power and are really looking to recruit for these alliances to bolster our kingdom forces.

If you are looking for an active home where alliances help each other achieve goals then come join us!

We regularly have f2p/low spenders ranking in kingdom events, so even if your kingdom isn't quiet its a good opportunity to compete and grow without loads of whales buying up the top spots!

Drop me a pm if you have any questions or simply immigrate and we will find you a new home!


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