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[1227][uF/F] Recruting player with 15m+ power!

Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:55 pm

Let me introduce you to our kingdom 1227. We as a kingdom have been united since the server opened, because we came to this server as jumpers with hundreds of experienced players. The LT is rotated weekly and basically everyone is family. This lead to us being a really big and growing server. Our KvK was basically 227 vs 230/228. Sadly we lost that one, because of mass-migration from whales into 230. Nevertheless we will continue going forward and do much better next time, when the KvK will eventually be more balanced.
We, F/F, are one of the big alliances on this server and are recruiting new members.

What we are looking for:
15m+ power
5m+ kills
Activity (In-game and discord)

What we have to offer:
Gift level 20
Architect/Scientist when you ask
Daily kingdom buffs based on events/runes
Mostly dominating in Ark of Osiris

Should you not fulfill these requirements you are welcome to join one of our family alliances.
The migration cap will be raised if you exceed it and want to join us.
If you’ve got any questions just hit me up and I will get back to you ASAP.

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