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GV13 Kingdom 1713 Wants You!

Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:04 pm

Hello fellow Governors,

Kingdom 1713 are preparing for season 3 of KvK. Our doors will reopen for migration in approximately 14 day and are recruiting new members to join our preparations.

What we offer:

* A peaceful, drama Kingdom. Absolutely no city burning or troop attacks allowed.

* Daily Kingdom buffs

* Titles 24/7 .

* Part of tight family in an independent alliance.

* MGE Constantine.

* Regular Ark of Osiris, casual and competitive.

We are a kingdom who believes we thrive on, respect, loyalty, trust and communication. If you’re looking for a kingdom/alliance who are serious but fun then we are the team for you. Come join us in our adventure.

For additional information please Pm me.

Sincerely, GV13 Battle Royal Elites
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