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Kingdom 1672

Fri Oct 16, 2020 1:36 pm


We are preparing for kvk s3 right now we expect to start in a few weeks time, we are currently on the last Constantine MG and 2nd Edward wheel. We are an international kingdom we players from all over but main areas are US,EU,SEA.

We are looking to make our kingdom more competitive for kvk's we did win our last kvk s2 through good fighting and Diplo but for future kvk's under the new format I believe a more fighting approach will be needed to secure victory. in terms of OL we do have a top 32 team and nearly had two so we are looking to make our 2nd team better to get two teams in top 32 next time.

MG rules are as followed - open for all to partake but 10M cap on KE, however every 4th MG the KE cap is lifted. Normal rules are no bullying, racism, sexism and no city/march attacks unless authorised by the council

How we run the KD - we have a council made up of the top 6 alliances here so everyone gets heard, each alliance has 2 representatives, we have a territory team, Diplo team and war team, spots are available for newcomers if they can prove themselves.

Add me on discord MrWarlock#6903
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Kingdom 1672

Sat Oct 17, 2020 12:18 pm

Hello I've heard that Disney is going to be adding the world from Avatar James Cameron to Animal Kingdom. I saw a bit on it, such as conceptual designs, on a DVD or television once. But, I don't remember. Does anyone out there know anything about this. If its actually going to happen, when would it be opening.

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