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Attacking Someone Properly

Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:22 am

When you attack someone on the map preferbaly target a player with a lower level than you for an advantage as higher levels will have better troops such as Lvl 10,16,21 because at these levels they will get a new tier troop which might be a problem for your lower level trooops but ig you have higher levels then you're good to go if you are in a server where ambush by babarians or other governers are possible then well yes you could attack enemies further away .

Usually you should always scout first but this is not avalible till Lvl 8~10 if i'm correct The thing is attacking Babarians Means you don't lose that much troops but when fighting someone else the casaulties are very heavy as my need for resources is constant i lose troops fighting for resources by large amounts of 10,000~50,000 Lost all my troops attacking another alliances fort Yesterday still burning but yeah gotta ge back all mt T2s ;(

So in total to attack someone make them close ones scout them and check if you can win by neck and neck becasue lower than that the chnces of winning are very slim i should know i ended a battle of equal poer with on 20 troops remaining from my original 35,000 and then you should attack and pillage all those resources HAR HAR HAR.... sorry pirate fetish in a medival game

Thanks for reading and feel free to pint out things in the comment section below and chill out guys
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